what is a computer ? What are the characteristics of computer and the limitations computer ?

what is a computer ? What are the characteristics of computer and the limitations computer ?

Ans. A computer may be defined as an electronic machine that can solve problem by accepting data, performing certain operation and presenting the results  of those operations under the direction of detailed step-by-step instruction. Such a set of sequenced instructions, which cause a computer to perform particular operations, is called a program. Characteristics of Computer – The characteristics of computer are as follows-

  1. Speed – Computer is a very fast device. It can perform in a few seconds the amount of work that a human being can do in an entire year. A computer can add and subtract number, computer letters to determine alphabetic sequence, move and copy numbers and letters. The speed varies from a few microseconds. 
  2. Accuracy- Computer are very accurate. They can perform their hundreds of operations with great accuracy as their circuits have no mechanical parts to wear and malfunction.
  3. Reliability- Computer output is generally very reliable, subject to the condition that the input data entering the computer should be correct and the program of instruction should be reliable and correct. Incorrect input data and unreliable program give us computer errors and wrong results.
  4. Capability- Computer has great capability that it can operate on data at such phenomenal speeds. They can produce results that would simply not be feasible. 

    Computer enable companies to provide customers with instantaneous services. Such as airline flight availability and charge account status.

  5. Storage Capacity- Various computer media can store millions of characters of data in a condensed form. 
  6. Intangible Benefits- There are many companies that utilize computers for intangible benefits such as flexibility ability to accommodate growth and the psychological factor that may give them a competitive edge in attracting consumers to buy their pro ducts or services. 
  7.   Reduced Cost- The cost computer equipment has dropped drastically over the years.
  8. Diligence – A computer is free from monotony, tiredness, lack of concentration, etc. and hence can work for hours together without creating any error and without grumbling.
  9. Versatility – Versatility is one of the most wonderful feature about the computer. It is   preparing the results of particular examination, the next moment it is busy for preparing  electricity bills. 

    Computer Limitations- The computer is one of the most powerful tools ever developed. The man who was treated for pneumonia and then charged by the hospital’s computer for the use of the delivery room and nursery. Such “computer failures” may be amusing. But most such foul-ups happen because people fail to consider some basic computer limitation. Without reliable programs and sound logic, no computer system will perform adequately.

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