Why Waiting to Have Sex Is Good for Your Relationship

Why Waiting to Have Sex Is Good for Your Relationship

There is a belief that when you find your true love, the last thing you want to do with that person is to have sex. It may sound weird, but some guys confess that when they are really in love, they are more focused on the platonic side of the relationship. Well, it’s not a universal law, but usually, when you are aimed at a serious long-term relationship, you want to know your partner better as a personality, and you deliberately postpone the first night together. We don’t know whether there are couples that venture upon waiting until marriage to have sex, but what psychologists claim is that not rushing to get horizontal can be beneficial to your relationship. So, how can waiting to have sex help you build a stronger bond?
You develop a more profound level of trust

Waiting to have sex in a relationship wins you a precious chunk of time during which you get to know each other better. You partner discovers you as a personality, and you get a better understanding of their nature. That information you gather gives you an idea of how reliable and trustworthy your partner is. This way you make sure they won’t ghost after first sex. That trust you gain over the platonic period of your relationship makes both of you feel more comfortable thus laying a solid foundation for the further development of your relationship, both its emotional and intimate parts.
You learn each other’s likes and dislikes

Not having sex doesn’t mean avoiding conversations about it. There are some moments of intimate talk when partners touch upon different subjects, even the weirdest ones. Over those conversations, you can learn a lot about your partner’s preferences and fantasies, discuss what is acceptable/unacceptable, etc. This knowledge will come in handy when the right moment comes, and you will not feel awkward like strangers who have first-date sex.
You make sex more desirable
Deliberately postponing that highly intimate moment, you build up sweet anticipation that gives it a special meaning. Think of it as of the long-awaited present. You were dreaming about it, you imagined how you’d unpack it and hold it in your hands hardly believing this is happening to you. Almost the same effect has late sex in a relationship on you.  And if you don’t have sex at all in a relationship, you should better check out the https://primedating.com  girls.
You build a stronger emotional connection

Although emotional side of the relationship and sex is prioritized by women mostly, it’s also important for men. Sex with the person you really love and are attached to can give you brighter sensations. Also, sex should be viewed as a link that connects two people physically and emotionally simultaneously, creating a stronger bond.
You improve other means of expressing love
You should know that hugs and kisses are more important for women than sex. Kissing and hugging are also ways of getting physical, so don’t neglect them when waiting to have sex until marriage or until some special moment in your love story. Sex should not be the main diamond in the crown, it should be just one of the jewels.
Your relationship will be stronger
If we resort to some relationship studies, we’ll find an interesting fact about the things that contribute to a happy relationship. One of them is waiting to have sex. It was found out that couples who had their first sex after six months or later since the beginning of their relationship were generally happier. Also, the percentage of happy couples is bigger among those who had sex after they declared their love for each other.
You can train yourself not to get attached too fast

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