How does traditional management differ from scientific management ?

How does traditional management differ from scientific management ?

Ans. Traditional management differ from scientific management in the

following ways –

(i) In the traditional management workers are treated as a factor of production only. They get wages for their labour and are not supposed to have social and psychological needs on the other hand scientific management follow a scientific system of selection. The selected workers are to be trained to avoid wrong methods of work. Management is responsible for their scientific education and training.

(ii) Traditional management does not identify the functions which a manager has to perform to get results from others. On the other hand there should be cooperation between the management and the workers. This requires change of mental attitudes of the workers and the management towards each

other. Taylor called it mental revolution.

(iii) In the traditional management employees are merely treated as means for getting results. It ignores the needs of the workers and does not offer them human treatment on the other hand the management and the workers should try to achieve maximum output in place of restricted output. This will be beneficial to both the parties. There is equal division of responsibility between the managers and the workers.

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