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[Economy] Why would Mohan want Indian juntaa to be financially educated?

What is Capital market, Primary market and Secondary market? What’s the problem with Capital market? Why do Indians not invest in sharemarket? What is financial Education? National Strategy for Financial Education $1 trillion investment in Infrastructure projects Technical stuff: What is Financial Stability [...]

Discuss in detail the measures you would suggest for increasing the Productivity of resources. Or Write a detailed note on increasing productivity of resources. Or How can an organization firebase the productivity of resources? Write in brief

Ans. To increase the productivity of resources means, getting more number of goods from the same amount of resources. (i) Material - Materials must be used in industries to get good productivity. Industries in which the cost of raw material is a big percentage . [...]

What are different types of cost ? How would you calculate the cost of a finished product?

Ans. Fixed or constant costs are the part of the total cost of the firm which does not vary with output, for example, rent of land and buildings, expenditures or depreciation, property taxes etc. When the period under consideration is sufficiently long to permit [...]

How would you calculate the cost of a finished product? Define and explain factory cost, manufacturing cost and selling cost. Or How would you calculate the cost of a finished product ? Define and explain prime cost, factory cost and selling cost with an example.

Ans. Cost of Finis need Product- If office and administration overheads are added to factory cost, office cost is arrived at. This is also termed as administration cost, office cost, cost of production or cost of finished product. Factory Cost or Manufacturing Cost- If [...]