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Creative Guidance – Beauty of Hard Work – Inspirational & Educative Articles

Beauty of Hard Work People have explored innumerable different ways of finding happiness and fulfillment in life; but nothing has surpassed the satisfaction that comes at the end of a long and arduous struggle of one’s hard work. It seems like the effort in one’s hard [...]

Abhishek 304

TOPPER’S STRATEGY: Unusual Gyaan on Answer Writing that will work for everyone, ABHISHEK JAIN, RANK 304, CSE 2015, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

About ME: ABHISHEK J JAIN RANK 304 Graduation: IIT (BHU), Varanasi (2014) Home Town: Delhi Marksheet: (CSE-2015) Prelims: GS (Paper-I): 115.34 Mains   General Bol Bachchan ?    There is a general jibe in India that “one decides what to do in life after joining the engineering college”. [...]

[Aptitude] Time n Work: 4 men and 6 women can complete a work in 8 Days then

This is merely a subtype of Time n Work problems. and can be solved using our good ol’ STD table Method. Case 1: Women finish entire job Case 2: Women to finish remaining job Case: Child labour Case 1: Women finish entire job 4 men and [...]

[Speed Time Work] Three men can finish a work in x days, share in wages & other special cases

Prologue Case: three men start the work simultaneously. Case: Three Men Start Working One After Another Case: Share in Daily Wage Case: Share in money after work finished? Case: Time equations: set of two people working Case: Time Ratios are given Prologue Speed Time work questions [...]

[Speed Time Work] Two Men can finish a work, A is 3x more efficient than B, B leaves before completion & variety of cases

Case: A & B work start together but B leaves Case: A started work, B joined after 4 days, how days work lasted? Case: A starts, B joins, How long did B work? Case: A and B start together but A leaves Case: [...]

[Aptitude Q] STD table : Application in train man bridge, time and work problems

Not really an article, just solving some readers’ queries to keep the STD concept refreshed. Case: Train, Man and Bridge Conversion : kmph vs ms Finding length of train Case: Time n Work : A and B Case: Train, Man and Bridge A man is standing [...]

Bank CMD CEO salaries

[IBPS] Interview Preparation (Part 2 of 5) Why BankPO? Preparing the Sales Pitch: Career growth, job satisfaction, negative factors, work-profile, Promotion, hierarchy, Sample Answers

Prologue The Sales PitchTM Avoid Push Factors Reason#1: “My paper degree is useless, there is no growth in my field” Reason:#2: “I failed in UPSC / CAT / GATE so I want bankPO” Pull factors: Why BankPO? Career Growth in Banking sector Job [...]

Ramdan Dagar UPSC Topper RBI Interview

[RBI Grade “B”] Interview Preparation, Work Profile, Career Growth related information from ex-RBI Officer cum UPSC Topper Ramdhan Dagar

This article meant for those who cleared RBI Grade “B” officer written exam in 2013 and preparing for interview stage: Prologue Questions asked to me: WARNING about low scores My observations about the RBI Interviews Work-profile of Grade “B” Officer Career growth/promotion as RBI [...]

[India-China] Democracy in China: Why can’t it work?

D1: Chinese Democracy won’t work, says Xi Jinping D2: Sino-Indian partnership in Afghanistan post NATO withdrawal D1: Chinese Democracy = won’t work, says their President Chinese President Xi Jinping recently stated that “multiparty system /democracy doesn’t suit China.”. He gave following arguments: Every country has right [...]

The job of a manager is to manage workers and work, comment.

Ans. According to American Management Association, management can be defined as, ''the process of getting work done through people". Thus, the job of a manager is to get the work done by managing the people, i.e. workers in the most efficient way. Thus, a manager must have [...]

Giving in brief the contribution of IUV. Taylor and Henry Fayal, show that their work was essential complementary.

Ans. Contributions of F.W. Taylor...,. F.W. Taylor is known as the founder of scientific management. He rested his philosophy on four basic principles (i) The development of a true science of management, so that the best method for performing each task could be determined. (ii) The [...]