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Learn difficult word’s from Current News Article

Good Morning everyone, From today, we are starting a new initiative i.e. “Learn difficult word’s from Current News Article” which aims to improve your vocabulary in a effective and easy way. We will highlight the difficult word used in the article and provide Hindi meaning of [...]

[Aptitude] PnC: All possible numbers using 012345, All possible words using ABCDE, Permutation Arrangement Made Easy with and without Formulas

Following types of questions pretty common in competitive exams: How many numbers of five digits can be formed with the digits 1,2,3,4 and 5, without repetition? How many words can be formed using all of the letters from A to E without repetition? How [...]

Nigvekar Committee reforms on Civil Service Mains exam

[Nigvekar] Mains Reforms: Why GS papers ridiculously long in Mains-2013 (5000 words)? Because Nigvekar told them + many more shockers (Part 3 of 4)

Prologue Shocker#1: Why was GS Mains 2013 too long? (5000 words) Shocker#2: Mains paper is checked by Single Examiner! Shocker#3: Nigvekar did not recommend world history & World geography etc. Shocker#4: Why IFoS merged with IAS/IPS exam? Mains Reforms Essay & Language papers [...]

Hurt locker and CSAT revision

45 days Before CSAT: a Few words on revision & the Economic Survey

Download Economic Survey Do I need to prepare this new survey? Should I prepare Modi Budget or Interim budget? Why are you not uploading the Hindu Science tech compilations? To pass CSAT, you’ve to respect CDS & CAPF High priority revision Medium priority [...]

[Economic Survey] Corrections in the previous articles + Parting words before Qatl ki Subha

Correction in the Economic survey summaries No corrections Parting words Next order of business Updates from UPSC Updates from SSC Correction in the Economic survey summaries Last updated on Aug-22-2014 evening. Ch4: measures of money supply Banks receive more money in TIME deposits (FD, RD) than in [...]