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What is meant by productivity of resources ? Explain the importance of productivity in India.

Ans. Productivity is nothing but the reduction in wastage of resources. It may be defined as the ratio between output and input. Output means the amount produced or the number of items produced and inputs are the various resources employed, e.g., land and building, [...]

What is the difference between production and productivity ?

Ans. Sometimes, there arises confusion between production and productivity. Thus, it is essential to differentiate them, so that there may not be any confusion. "Production" of any commodity or service is the volume of output irrespective of the quantity or quality of resources used [...]

What is management ? How do you distinguish between Administration”, “Management” and “Organization” ? Or Define management. Distinguish between management, administration organization.

Ans. Management is defined as the process of planning, organizing, directing and controlling to accomplish organizational objectives through the coordinated  use of human and material resources. It is the process by which human and non-human resources are coordinated to accomplish a set of objectives  [...]

Explain spintronics devices and give their applications. Or Explain, what is spintronic

Ans. A very important device based on the GMR effect is called the spin valve is shown in fig. 4.1 0. Here, one of the ferromagnetic layers has a .fixed (pinned) magnetization direction, due to the presence of the antiferromagnetic layer, and the other ferromagnetic layer magnetization [...]

What is polaron ? Explain the mechanism of polaron conduction

Ans. A polaron is a quasi-particle composed of an electron along with its accompanying polarization field. A slow moving electron in a dielectric crystal when interacts with lattice ions through long-range forces, It will be permanently surrounded by a region of lattice polarization and deformation, because of the [...]