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Rohingyas migration map

[Current] March-Week3-Part2: Economy, Diplomacy related: RFPI Investors, CPSE Exchange Traded Funds, GSDP, Rohingya Migrants, ICANN control, OTBA scheme

[Act 4] Economy Related E1: RBI: RFPI = FII + QFI E2: RBI: more banks can import gold under 80/20 rule E3: CPSE-ETF Exchange Traded Funds E4: State GSDP: Chindu feels something fishy E5: Gas Pricing postponed on EC order [Act 5] Diplomacy [...]

[Essays] September Week3: India-China, Zero Sum Game, Parliamentary minority, Daughter aversion

Write Essay on any one of the following topics. 2500 words, 3 hours. International relations, Diplomacy Democracy and governance Social Issues and Women empowerment Education, Economy, HRD International relations, Diplomacy International cooperation is not a “zero sum game.” If “world’s factory” and “world’s back office” [...]

[Essays] October Week3: Militant Atheism, Rational Consumption, Ecocide, Prosperity without Morality

India, Governance Science/IT/Technology Literature Development vs Environment History, Culture, Society, religion Write an essay on any one of the following topics, in not more than 2500 words. (250 marks): India, Governance India needs hard power — economic, military, scientific, political and diplomatic. Governance requires persistence, [...]

[Essays] November Week3: Garrison Governance, Dignity of Labour, Rationalist Thinking, Age of Knowledge

Globalization, Diplomacy India, Democracy, Governance Ethics, Good governance, Accountability Science-Education Frontline Fodder Nehru Essays Globalization, Diplomacy Secularism: The compelling necessity for today’s world. 21st Century: An age rich in promise, An age full of challenges. (Modi in Australia) The importance of economic integration for [...]

[Essays] January Week3: Ideological Colonization, Dovish vs Hawkish Foreign Policy, limits of free speech

Democracy, Development Globalization Society, Culture, Religion GS4 / Ethics Democracy, Development Democracy is an exercise in public reason. The democratic, intellectual and military might of Modern India. [Kiren Rijiju says these 3 will shape India’s foreign policy in years to come.] Though Directive principles [...]

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[Current Topiclist] April Week1 to Week3 (1st to 22th): Diplomacy, Economy, Polity, Environment, Science, Culture

Abbreviation IR-Diplomacy AprW1&2-IR AprW3-IR-diplomacy Economy, Banking, Finance AprW1&2 AprW3-Economy Polity, Governance AprW1&2-Polity AprW3-Polity, Governance Environment, Biodiversity & Agriculture AprW1&2-Environment AprW3-Environment, Agro Science Tech, Defense, IT, Healthcare AprW1&2- Science-tech AprW3-Science Tech, Defense, IT, Healthcare History-Culture AprW1&2-History & Culture AprW3-History & Culture Download Link for [...]