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cold war timeline

[Old NCERT World History ch13] After WW2: Cold War, NATO, CENTO, SEATO, Warsaw and NAM (Part 2 of 4)

The Cold War Military Blocs NATO SEATO Baghdad Pact CENTO WARSAW Pact Arms Race End of Cold War NON ALIGNED MOVEMENT (NAM) Bandung Conference NAM: opposition to Military blocs NAM: Belgrade Summit Nehru’s speech @1st NAM conference The Cold War A major feature of the [...]

COP-19-UNFCC Warsaw timeline

[COP-19/UNFCC] Warsaw Climate Change Conference, India’s Stand, Outcomes, Limitation

Prologue Like-Minded Developing Countries (LMDG) Loss and damage REDD+ Money India’s stand @COP-19 Warsaw We want CBDR We’re not irresponsible India’s stand on Agriculture vs climate change India’s stand on Money 4 climate change India’s stand on HFC India’s stand on Technology transfer [...]