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[Economy] Vodafone Essar Case: Capital Gains Tax Meaning, Reasons, Timeline, Implications, explained

Before venturing into Vodafone Essar Court Case, Let’s start with the basics Some information may be technically incorrect / outdated. This article is for illustration and understanding purpose only and not for writing the actual answers in your exam. Two type of taxes. What is [...]

1 Witholding Tax TDS in Capital Gains tax

[Taxation] Advance Pricing Agreement, Arm’s Length, Vodafone Transfer Pricing, DTC, GAAR, Advance Tax ruling explained

Prologue Capital Gains Tax (CGT) CGT & Withholding norms (TDS) Vodafone CGT IT Act 1961: Clarification (2012) Direct Tax Code (DTC) DTC and Indirect transfers Direct taxes: DTC vs. Budget-2014 Tax Avoidance and GAAR What is GAAR? Shome Panel on GAAR What is [...]

How is sensex calculated?

[Economy Lecture] Financial Markets-II: SENSEX Calculation, Saradha Chit Fund scam, Vodafone Transfer Pricing Issue explained

Prologue L2/P7: SENSEX Calculation, Harshad Mehta, Ketan Parekh L2/P8: 3 Major scams: Saradha, Sahara & NSEL L2/P9: Vodafone transfer pricing issue, capital gains tax & GAAR Prologue Fifth lecture was done on 13th February 2015, and uploaded on youtube. Total ~2:30 hours but I’ve [...]