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PM Modi’s visit to Israel, Stand-off in Doklam Plateau Current Affairs 4th July, 2017

PM Modi’s visit to Israel In news: PM Modi is the first Indian prime minister to visit the Jewish state — the trip marks 25 years of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Indian and Israel. And for the first time, an Indian leader will not [...]

PM Modi’s visit to US, Resolving the NPA issue: Key Challenges Current Affairs 28th June, 2017

PM Modi’s visit to US Introduction: This was PM Modi’s fifth US visit. PM Modi remarked that when it comes to the development of the world’s two largest democracies, India remains a “driven, determined, and decisive partner”. Donald J Trump on Twitter remarked- “Important strategic [...]

External Affair Minister Visit to Sri Lanka

EXTERNAL AFFAIR MINISTER VISIT TO SRI LANKA. Recently external affairs minister Sushma swaraj visited Sri Lanka to attend 9th session of joint commission to discuss all important issues between 2 nations. A comprehensive review of relations and couple of high level meetings was held between [...]

Nepal Prime Minister Visit to India

NEPAL PRIME MINISTER VISIT TO INDIA   The visit of Nepalese prime Minister is the major thawing event that happened recently between India and Nepal. Prime Minister Oli is making this visit first time after Nepal adopted constitution last year. There have been certain elements that [...]

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[Diplomacy] Putin Visit, KudanKulam, GLONASS, 13th India – Russia Annual Summit: Issues, Outcomes

Introduction Problem areas in Indo-Russia Why is Russia Unhappy? Why is India unhappy? Putin’s Wishes in Delhi visit? Business n Trade Energy: Nuke Kudankulam Nuke plant Kudankulam Nuke plant: Problems Kudankulam: Progress Kudankulam: Civil Nuke Liability Energy: Oil and Gas Defense: Indo-Russia Science [...]

India-UK relations Cameron visit

[Diplomacy] India-UK: David Cameron Visit, Student Visa, Jallianwala, Kohinoor, Agusta Westland

Fodder points: India – UK relations David’s Dilemma India-UK talks Joint Cyber taskforce Agusta Westland inquiry Jallianwala Massacre David’s regret David’s refusal David’s promise Questions Fodder points: India – UK relations India is among the top five investors in Britain with over 700 Indian [...]

Mindmap Tokyo Declaration

[Modi Diplomacy] Part 1/4: Japan Visit, Tokyo Declaration, US-2 Amphibian aircraft, JENESYS 2.0 Kyoto Varanasi Pact

Prologue Mindmap: Gist of Modi’s Japan visit Strategic: India-Japan Economy: India-Japan Energy-Environment: India-Japan Science-Space-Healthcare People 2 People: India-Japan Side topics #1: Indo-Jap Nuclear deal #2: Japan doesn’t like MAT. NOT ONE BIT #3: US-2 Amphibian aircraft Mock questions Prologue Total four part article-series Modi Japan [...]

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[Modi Diplomacy] Part 2/3: Chinese President Eleventh (haha) Xi Jinping’s India Visit

Mindmap: Xi’s India Visit Strategic Agreements Economy pacts Transport related Energy, Environment Tourism, People2People Overall Side-Topics India without Tibetan Leverage Xi’s Sri Lanka visit India vs China: defense comparison Mindmap: President Xi’s Visit to India (2014) Mindmap: Xi Jinping India visit Outcome Strategic Agreements Inch towards miles [...]