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Enlist the various objects of input-output analysis.

Ans. The objects of an input-output model are given as below - (i) Reveal the nature of inter-industry dependence in order to decide how much resources to allocate to each industry so that just enough is produced in each industry. (ii) Ensure the consistency among various [...]

Enlist the various types of production function .

Ans. The formulation of the production function is a highly technical job. It should be performed by those persons who possess the essential technical and engineering knowledge relevant to firm or industry in question. Certain pioneer studies were made in the area of agriculture for the measurement [...]

Describe the various behavioural theories of the firm.

Ans. Behavioural theories see firm as it is engaged in non-maximizing  behaviour. According to behavioural theories, the firm's sub-optimal behavior arises from uncertainty and conflicting goals of various groups within the  firm. The analysis of organization of the firm is done with the help [...]

Write and explain the various factors that influence the choices and decisions made by managers.

Ans. Managerial decision making is influenced not only by economic but also by many other important considerations. While economic analysis contributes a great deal to problem solving in an enterprise, it is worth noticed that three other variables also affect the choices and decisions [...]

Discuss the various stages of creative process.

Ans. There are certain identifiable stages in creative process, which may be termed as saturation, preparation, incubation, illumination and accommodation. These stages of creativity are described as follows - (i) Saturation - The most important way to get right ideas is to work on a [...]

Enlist the various conditions under which the decisions are made.

Ans. Decision models are classified on the basis of degree of certainty into deterministic and probabilistic models. In the case of deterministic models, a manager assumes complete certainty and each strategy results in a unique pay off. On the other side, in the case [...]

What are the various techniques of decision-making ? Discuss Pros and Cons of each of them. Or Discuss in brief the various techniques of decision-making. Or Write and describe the different techniques of decision-making.

Ans. The managerial decision-making process has become very cumbersome. Certain quantitative techniques have been developed to evaluate the alternatives which facilitate making objective decisions. Some of these techniques are described as below - (i) Marginal Cost Analysis- This technique is also called marginal costing as [...]

Name the various techniques used in decision-making.

Ans. Techniques used in Decision-making - Various techniques for decision-making are given as below- (i) Deterministic models (a) Break-even analysis                       (b) Linear programming (c) Capital budgeting                           (d) Inventory management   (ii) Probabilistic models (a) Expected value model                    (b) Decision tree (c) Simulation   (iii) Other [...]

What do you understand by decision making function of executive ? Indicate the various types of diction swans made in a business organization. Or Decision-making is the primary task of manager. Discuss the statement and explain the role of decision-making in performance of managerial function

Ans. In a business organization, an executive is a senior level manage Decision-making is an essential component of management process manager's life is filled with making-decisions after decisions. Managers. the decision-making as their central job since they constantly select what be done, who is [...]

Discuss the concept of decision-making, its characteristics and The various types of decisions in an industry. Or What is decision-making ? Discuss the nature of decision-making. Or Define decision-making. What are the various types of a decision ? Also Give the characteristics of a decision.

Ans. Decision-making is a process to arrive at a decision; the process by which an individual or organization chooses one position or action from many alternatives. According to shall eta!, "Decision making is a conscious human process involving both individual and special phenomenon based [...]