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Dealing with Malaria, Prescribing medicines under generic names. Is it practical?, Current Affairs 29th April, 2017

Dealing with Malaria Introduction Malaria is one of the most threatening epidemics of the world with high incidence in the developing world. The efforts to develop a medicine for the same have been all out and repeated trials have been conducted. Eradication of Malaria has been [...]

Aichi Targets Convention on Biodiversity CBD

[Treaties] Aichi Targets for Biodiversity Protection under CBD

What are Aichi Targets? Strategic goal A Strategic Goal B Strategic Goal C Strategic Goal D Strategic Goal E Let’s recap what we learned in previous article: Earth Summit led to=> Biodiversity protection: CBD (Cartagena+ Aichi+Nagoya) Reverse Climate Change: UNFCCC (Kyoto+ Copenhagen) Sustainable Development: Agenda [...]

[Land Ceiling] Phase 2: After 1972- under Indira Gandhi, Uttar Pradesh failure and Ignored Post-LPG

Second stage: 1972 onwards 34th Amendment Land Ceiling: problems/ limitations/obstacles #Epicfail in UttarPradesh Land reform Delayed is land reform denied Hardly any ‘redistribution’ Lack of Auxiliary Support Lack of Political Mobilization Lack of Administrative will FYP did not give direction Land fragmentation=Low GDP [...]

SBI specialist assistant  Manager in system

[SBI] Specialist Assistant Manager (System): Previous papersets for professional knowledge section, high priority areas under Maths, English, Reasoning

Prologue SBI Specialist: Written stage Part I: Maths, English, Reasoning: How to approach? High priority areas in Part I (Maths, English, Reasoning) Part II professional knowledge (PK): Systems/IT SBI Specialist Syllabus for System/IT/ Professional knowledge topic SBI IT (Systems) Assistant Manager 2012 Question [...]

Cover Economic Survey petrol under-recovery communication

[Energy] Petrol, Diesel, LPG, Under-Recovery, Deregulation; Clean Energy, Telecommunication, NTP-2012, NFON, USOF

Prologue [Act 1] Petroleum P1: Refineries in India P2: Survey: Oil production challenges P3: OVL assets abroad P4: Budget 2014: Diesel & LPG P5: Petrol pricing What is under-recovery? Petrol price deregulation Benefits of Deregulation? [Act 2] Clean Energy C1: Bagasse Cogeneration C2: [...]

temple Architecture

[Culture] Temple Architecture of South India; Medieval Architecture under Delhi Sultanate, Mughal Dynasty

Prologue AC2/P1: Temple Architecture- Odisha, Khajuraho, Solanki AC2/P2: Temple Architecture- Dravid, Vijaynagar,Hoysala AC2/P3: Medieval Architecture: Delhi Sultanate AC2/P4: Medieval Architecture: Mughal Sultanate Prologue Ms.Ishani Pandya (Rank 502/CSE-2014, ICLS) lecture on Mains GS1-Revision- Indian art and culture. Lecture Videos available under: Youtube.com/user/TheMrunalPatel Powerpoints Available under [...]

Write short note on decision-making under uncertainty. Or Explain the decision-making under uncertainty. Or Discuss the modern approaches to decision making under uncertainty.

Ans. When a decision involves conditions about which the manager has no information, either about the outcome or the relative chances for any single outcome, he is said to be operating under conditions of uncertainty. Because the manager does not have any information on [...]

Enlist the various conditions under which the decisions are made.

Ans. Decision models are classified on the basis of degree of certainty into deterministic and probabilistic models. In the case of deterministic models, a manager assumes complete certainty and each strategy results in a unique pay off. On the other side, in the case [...]