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Write down the Schrodinger equation as the – (i) Electron trapped in 2D plane nanosheet (ii) Electron moving ill one-dimension/ nanowire.

Ans. (i) Electron Trapped in 2D Plane Nanosheet - When carriers are confined in one dimension, i.e., along-direction to a very small thickness t, and free to move along X and Y -direction. In nanophysics, it is the case of nanosheets where carriers are [...]

Write down the application of Schrodinger equation when a particle is trapped in 3D potential box.

Ans. Assume that a particle inside a 3D infinite trap volume L3 with impenetrable walls as shown in fig. 1.36. Then the generalized Schrodinger equation in three dimensional is given as- Nanoparticles with a fraction of a nanometer to a few tens of nanometers size can be [...]

Write down the application of time independent Schrodinger wave equation to particle trapped in a one dimensional square potential well.

Ans. Assume, a particle is trapped in 1D according to the following potential distribution - finite inside the well. Hence the Schrodinger equation becomes -                                       ....(ii) The general solution of this second-order linear differential equation will be where, A 1 = 2iA, called the normalization constant and can [...]