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Blink - Malcolm Gladwell

Creative Guidance: Book Review – Blink – The power of thinking without thinking by Malcolm Gladwell

  Blink – The power of thinking without thinking Most of you would have heard about this book. First published in January 2005, blink became a phenomenon in itself. It was an international bestseller that brought about a new revolutionary wave to the understanding of human [...]

[Essays] November Week3: Garrison Governance, Dignity of Labour, Rationalist Thinking, Age of Knowledge

Globalization, Diplomacy India, Democracy, Governance Ethics, Good governance, Accountability Science-Education Frontline Fodder Nehru Essays Globalization, Diplomacy Secularism: The compelling necessity for today’s world. 21st Century: An age rich in promise, An age full of challenges. (Modi in Australia) The importance of economic integration for [...]