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[RTI] How to file RTI application to UPSC?: Those failed in CSAT-2012 and want to know their actual scores and “Official” cutoffs

How to file RTI to know the score? Step 1: Copy paste the draft RTI application Step 2: IPO worth 10 Rupees. Step 3: Envelop UPSC has announced the CSAT-2012 result, Click on following link to see the PDF containing roll numbers of [...]

industrial revolution in England

[Old NCERT World History Ch7] Industrial Revolution, Capitalism, Their Effect on Society, Rise of Trade Unions & Socialism

Prologue Introduction to Chapter Capitalism Capitalism and Colonization Industrial Revolution Factory System Why Industrial Revolution started in England? Textile Industry: The revolution Powerloom Cotton Gin Steam Engine Blast Furnace TRANSPORT Revolution Postal Revolution Agriculture Revolution Industrial Revolution in Other Countries Tariff barriers Race4raw [...]

RTI for mains question papers 2013

[RTI] UPSC will be uploading all the question papers of Mains-2013 on their website soon

Update: question papers have been uploaded on the official Page of UPSC http://www.upsc.gov.in/questionpaper/2013.htm#PageTop Prologue RTI question UPSC replies Prologue @to all those inquiring about engineering/literature/ any other question papers of Mains-2013 which are not available online, Long story cut short: yesterday I had filed online RTI to [...]

[SSC-2013-ReExam] Official answerkey for T2 uploaded. IF Errors, contact their office on/before 7th October

Official Answerkey: SSC T2 Re-exam 2013 SSC Re-exam (20-July-Rest of India) MPPSC Prelim  2014 UPPSC Upper Subordinate Prelim 2014 UPPSC Mains 2013 Official Answerkey: SSC T2 Re-exam 2013 SSC had conducted CGL-2013 Tier2 Re-exam during 20 and 21th September. I’ve uploaded zip file containing official [...]

Write down the names of important authorities in an industry and explain their duties and responsibilities.

Ans. Important Authorities in an Industry - There are various types of authority in an industry – (i) Line Authority and its Duties and Responsibilities – Line authority is the basic authority in an industry, is the ultimate authority to  command, act, decide, approve or [...]

What are excitons ? Also give their type.

Ans. The excitons are defined as the bound states of photo-excited and Coulomb-correlated electron-hole pairs, produced momentarily by light Incident Photon illumination of energy greater than the band gap of the material concerned. The electron-hole pairs, thus produced, will orbit around each other, having equal [...]

Explain spintronics devices and give their applications. Or Explain, what is spintronic

Ans. A very important device based on the GMR effect is called the spin valve is shown in fig. 4.1 0. Here, one of the ferromagnetic layers has a .fixed (pinned) magnetization direction, due to the presence of the antiferromagnetic layer, and the other ferromagnetic layer magnetization [...]

Describe various stages of a PLD process. Write their advantages too.

Ans. The process of PLD can generally be divided into four stages - (i) Laser ablation of the target material and creation of a plasma. (ii) Dynamics of the plasma. (iii) Deposition of the ablation material on the substrate. (iv) Nucleation and growth of the film on the [...]