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Supreme Court’s highway liquor ban: Judicial overreach or not, Current Affairs – 5th April, 2017

Supreme Court’s highway liquor ban: Judicial overreach or not? India’s Supreme Court decided in December 2016 that the presence of shops and restaurants selling liquor near highways was leading to drunken driving, which cause the vast majority of fatal road accidents in the country. So [...]

Jallikattu Supreme court ban

[Festivals] JalliKattu Supreme Court Ban, Anayottam Race, Anavaal Pidi & other South Indian festivals

JalliKattu: Guidelines by SC + Government Anayottam race Anavaal pidi Ritual In this article, we shall see certain South Indian festivals. JalliKattu: Guidelines by SC + Government UPDATE: In May 2014, SC Banned Jallikattu altogether, this article was written before that happened. Q.What is Jaliikattu? List the [...]

[Rights issue] Transgender: reservation quota, property inheritance rights after Supreme Court Judgement

Historic Background Constitution vs Transgender community Article 14 | Article 15 | Article 16 | Article 19 | Article 21 | Article 51 (DPSP) SC Judgment on TG (April 2014) Transgender rights: elsewhere in world Historic Background Ancient text: TG are mentioned but never [...]

[Judgement] Supreme Court Guidelines on Sting Operations

Supreme Court guidelines on Sting Operation Timeline/Sequence of Events SC observation on Sting-Ops Law commission Observations Supreme Court guidelines on Sting Operation This topic should come as handy fodder points in GS-4 Ethics paper case studies related to Sting operations. Timeline/Sequence of Events Case began in 2003 [...]

Supreme Court guidelines to prevent Fake encounters

[Rights Issue] Supreme Court Guidelines on Fake Encounters and Undertrial prisoners

P1: SC Guidelines- Fake encounters Background Supreme Court Guidelines 2014 Counter-view: P2: SC Guidelines- Freeing the under trials: Basics CrPC Reform already done Counterview Suggest Long term reforms? P1: Fake encounters / Extra Judicial killings Topic in news: 2014, September, Week4 Relevance (GSM2): Transparency [...]