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[Current] Sept-2016: Environment, Agriculture, Space, Public Healthcare, ICT: Scramjet, SCATSAT, 3DR; Kibali Summit & More

Prologue Environment & Agriculture: Sept-2016 Ratification of Paris Summit Kigali summit and HFCs Env: Disasters and Typhoons Env: Pollution & Energy Env: Flora-Fauna Agriculture Public Healthcare: Sept-2016 Mosquito & Fever related Genetics related Innovation and Research Yearbook type Space-Tech: Sept-2016 Mobile & IT: [...]

MoU Between ISRO and Canadian Space Agency Approved by Union Cabinet

Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) and Canadian Space Agency (CSA) has been approved by the Union Cabinet on cooperation in the field of outer space and in this regard the MoU was signed by two parties in Ottawa, Canada [...]

[Science] PREDICCS, LCROSS, HXMT, Life on Mars (Space related S&T from Hindu Sept-Oct-2012)

Life on Mars NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) PREDICCS LCROSS Hard x-ray modulation telescope (HXMT) Zero Gravity effect Life on Mars Why life is possible on Earth but not on mars: some reasons Our moon is of the right size, able to control the spinning [...]

black beauty

[Hindu Sci-Tech] Space, IT related: KSLV, Luna Glob, Black Beauty, COMET, SKA, SAGA-220 (Jan, Feb 2013)

Telescopes #1: Square Kilometre Array (SKA) #2: Solar telescope, Solar winds Space mission related #1: Luna Glob #2: KSLV-1 #3: Pishgam IPK Black Beauty IO: the moon of Jupiter COMET online monitoring system India’s IT Development: SAGA 220 Ubuntu petabytes MillatFacebook (MFB) Direct-to-Home [...]

[Space Tech] Current Affairs Compilation 2012-13 for SSC CGL, UPSC CSAT

Prologue The Basics Basic: What does ISRO do? Basics: ISS Basics: Tiangong and Shenzhou Basics: Atlantis Space shuttle Basics: Soyuz spacecraft Basics: spacewalking Basics: Dragon capsule Basics: Anti-satellite missiles Space programs: India India’s Launch Vehicles: PSLV vs GSLV India’s Satellites: IRS vs INSAT [...]

Evolution of Launch Vehicles

[Science-Tech] TheHindu (March2May) (Part 3 of 3): Space research, Electronics, Saturn Opposition, Herschel, Cartosat, GSLV MK3 & more

Space Related Saturn opposition Extra-galactic Background Light (EBL) Microgravity and human survival Herschel retired GSLV MK3 Cartosat-3 Antares Rocket Electronics related Graphene and Harddisk A Boy and His Atom Quantum computer Hydrogen sensor for breedor reactors Increasing microprocessor speed Li-ion battery Misc Mock [...]

3_Mindmap-India-US Space Sci Health

[Diplomacy] India US 4th Strategic Dialogue (part 2 of 3): Science tech, Space, Health care cooperation

Continuing on 2nd part. Here we see recent developments in Indo-US cooperation in sci-tech, space and public health (SSP) India US Cooperation in Science-Tech Information Technology Women Millennium alliance Physics India US Cooperation in Space Research GAGAN IndIGO IRNSS Thirty Meter Telescope India US [...]

[Science-Tech] TheHindu June-July-Aug: (Part 3 of 3) IT, Nano, Space: National Cyber Security Policy, Wi-vi, IRNSS, ILC, Arihant Reactor

Prologue IT Related #1: Internet.Org #2: FOIA Machine #3: PRISM program/NSA #4: Amazon E-selling #5: Cyber defense #6: National Cyber Security Policy-2013 #7: Google Person Finder #8: Misc Topics/Terms of IT Gadgets/Equipment/Electronics #1: -200° C refrigerator by IIT Madras #2: E-Ink, Electrophoretic display [...]

[Sci-Tech]TheHindu Sep-Oct-Nov(Part4of4): Space, Defense related: INSAT3D, Vikramaditya, EMP, Napalm

Prologue INSAT 3D RH 200 & Thumba GSAT-7 GSAT-14 Chandra X-ray Observatory Olympic torch in Space Defense related #1: INS Vikarmaditya #2: Napalm #3: EMP Bomb Physics/Chemistry #1: Tree Leaves to detect gold #2: Candle flame vs Gravity Mock Questions Prologue So far in the Science [...]

India Yearbook Science-tech studyplan

[Yearbook] India 2014: Science Tech, Biotech, Space Tech, Defence Tech: how to prepare from IYB & 12th FYP with sample MCQs

Prologue Prerequisite: NCERT- Science IYB Ch 25 Science Technology Ignore this trash Organizations POLICIES Medicine related Atomic energy related Atomic energy- Location and Terms Environment/ Agriculture Space And Particle Physics ISRO- SPACE PROGRAM Disaster Management Biotech related Terms/Technology Low Priority [LP] #LP1: Misc. [...]

ISRO Mars Mission Mangalyan Payloads

[Space] ISRO Mars Orbiter Mission (MoM) Mangalyaan: Payloads, Purpose, Argument favor & against

Prologue Mars Planet: Basics Mars: Past missions MoM (ISRO) vs MAVEN (NASA) MoM’s Launch Vehicle MoM @Mars Payloads and purpose? Do we need Mars Mission? Anti-Arguments Pro-arguments #1: cash will be recovered #2: Soft Power #3: Did not steal from poor’s month #4: [...]

Thirty Meter Telescope TMT

[Space-Tech] P3/3: Thirty Meter Telescope, India’s Neutrino Observatory, NASA-TOPS

Prologue 30-meter telescope (TMT) India based Neutrino Observatory (INO) TOPS: Terrestrial Observation and Predicting System (TOPS) Prologue Combining space-tech related topics from September W1 to October W3, in three part series IRNSS: the desi GPS Stuff send to space: NISAR-mission, GSLV-6, GSAT MK-3 Stuff build [...]