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[Economy] LIBOR Scam : Meaning, Reasons, Consequences, Timeline, explained

What is Libor? Ya but why do banks lend each other? How do banks borrow in London? Who calculates LIBOR? How does BBA calculate LIBOR? Why does BBA calculate LIBOR? What’re the Implications of LIBOR Why LIBOR scam? What is Barclays? Wrong Data= [...]

satellite communication

[Economy] 2G scam, Spectrum refarming, Sistema controversy, Allocation of Natural Resources explained

What is Spectrum? Method #1: First come First Serve basis Method#2: Auctioning method What happened in 2G scam? A.Raja (Telecom Ministry) CAG estimate: 1.7 lakh crore loss Supreme Court verdict Presidential reference on SC verdict Impact of SC verdict Sistema – Russia Angle [...]

PPP financing

[Revision] GS3: Infrastructure, Coal Scam, BlackMoney, G20-BEPS, Bitcoins

Prologue [Block-1] PPP finance for Infra [Block-2] Infra: Roads and Highways R1: E-toll collection R2: Highway finance PPP: BOT vs EPC [Block-3] Infra: Aviation A1: Draft aviation policy: 2014 A2: Aviation: No frills airport [Block-4] Infra: Railways and Shipping Fuel linked tariff policy [...]

How is sensex calculated?

[Economy Lecture] Financial Markets-II: SENSEX Calculation, Saradha Chit Fund scam, Vodafone Transfer Pricing Issue explained

Prologue L2/P7: SENSEX Calculation, Harshad Mehta, Ketan Parekh L2/P8: 3 Major scams: Saradha, Sahara & NSEL L2/P9: Vodafone transfer pricing issue, capital gains tax & GAAR Prologue Fifth lecture was done on 13th February 2015, and uploaded on youtube. Total ~2:30 hours but I’ve [...]