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HFS8/P1: Indian Revolutionary movement Phase-I

[Freedom Struggle] Revolution Phase-I within India & Abroad, Home rule movement, Ghadar, Komagata Maru

Prologue HFS8/P1: Indian Revolutionary movement Phase-I HFS8/P2: Ghadar Movement, Komagata Maru incident HFS8/P3: Home rule movement 1916 to Govt. of India Act 1919 Prologue Continuing the HD video lecture series of Shri Pratik Nayak: earlier we saw Swadeshi movement to Surat Split, now moving [...]

(No More President’S Rule in Uttarakhand – Essay in Hindi)

प्रस्तावना: - उत्तराखंड में राष्ट्रपति शासन हटने से कांग्रेसी मुख्यमंत्री हरीश रावत ने राहत की सांस ली है। करीब डेढ़ माह से चली राजनीतिक उठापटक ने उत्तराखंड में राजनीतिक दलों और नेताओं की अवसरवादिता की पोल खोली ही, साथ ही सत्ता की खातिर खरीद-फरोख्त [...]

[EnB] Bergmann’s Rule, Migrantwatch, Seasonwatch, Ross Sea Marine Protected Zone, Lake Vida, Chromatophores

These terms are from The Hindu S&T, Nov.2012 Cold Climate=Big Body size Migrantwatch and Seasonwatch. Bactrian camels and heavy-chain antibodies Ross Sea: Marine Protected Zone Lake Vida Chromatophores Hedonic Scale Method Brevetoxin-2 Mock Questions Cold Climate=Big Body size For most species of animals, body mass [...]

India Leader of Opposition Lok Sabha

[Parliament] Leader of Opposition (LoP) appointment controversy, 10% Rule, Consequences

Leader of Opposition (LoP) in India Parliament 10% rule: episodes in past? LoP and Appointment Committees Arguments: Government vs Opposition Mock questions Leader of Opposition (LoP) in India Parliament 1977: The leaders of opposition in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha were given statutory recognition. [...]