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[Mock] Essay Paper for UPSC Mains-2016: Role of Educator, Taste for Literature, Cost of Liberty, Success in Dictionary

Instructions Section-A Section-B Essay-hints / Points to Consider #1: Literature and humane society #5: Modern Educator’s role Instructions Write two eassys, choosing one from each of the following sections A and B in about 1000-1200 words each (2 x 125 = 250 marks) Word [...]

Role of UN in Combating International Terrorism

Role of UN in Combating International Terrorism   Prime Minister Modi visited Washington to attend nuclear security summit and has emphasised on various steps that the world should take in order to prevent terrorism and stop the access of nukes to non state actors. He also [...]

World Health Day and Role of AYUSH in the Indian Health Care System

World health day and Role of AYUSH in the Indian health care system:   The theme of this year world health day is “Diabetes” Diabetes is the fast growing ailment among vast majority the people nowadays. Sedentary life style, lack of proper food habits, stressful lives [...]

Timeline Land reforms Congress role

[Land Reforms] Role of Indian Congress in Land reforms during the British Raj, Gandhi’s Views on Land Reforms, All India Kisan Sabha

Prologue #1: Land reforms Congress in Provincial Governments 1937 @Bihar @Uttar Pradesh @Bombay @Other Provinces Overall Limitations #2: Congress Resolutions 4farmers @Karachi session, 1931 @Firozpur Session, 1936 @election manifesto,1937 Other resolutions/Manifestos Rise of All India Kisan Sabha Kisan Manifesto, 1936 Limitation of All [...]

Human Values Role of Family, Society

[Ethics] E1/P3: Human Values-Role of Family, Society, Educational Institutes; Ethics in Public & Private relations

Values Value vs. Belief Classification of Values Human Values Role of Family Role of Society Role of Educational institutes Role of Teachers Role of education Value education: desirable? Private relations vs. Public Relations? Separation of Public & Private life? Family man = Responsible [...]

Moral and Political Attitude for UPSC GS4 Ethics

[Ethics] E2/P2: Moral & Political attitude: Types, Factors Affecting, Role of Social Media, Milgram Experiment

E2/P2: Video Lecture by Moral Attitude: Meaning Moral Attitude: Implications of Role of Social Media in Moral Attitude Political Attitude and ideologies Factors affecting Political attitude Role of Social Media in Political Attitude Strength of Attitude Accessibility of Attitude Milgram Experiment E2/P1: Video Lecture [...]

What type of role a managerial economist can play in business ?

Ans. A manager has the two primary tasks - making decisions and processing decision. Manager must be able to obtain, process and use information in order to make intelligent decisions. The objective of learning economic theory is to help managers know what managers should [...]