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Taxing Agricultural Income, China to host a Belt and Road forum for international cooperation, Current Affairs 4th May, 2017

Taxing Agricultural Income Introduction India’s tax base is disappointing. For a large country with large immense priorities India needs to initiate measure to encourage people to pay taxes and widen tax base. Taxing agricultural income is a recent debate that needs wider debate. Issue: Bibek Debroy, a member [...]


PM Modi has recently laid foundation stone for the construction of Delhi-Dasna-Meerut 14 lane expressway and up gradation of 22 KM long Dasna-Hapur section of NH-24, which is Rs. 7,566 crore. PM highlighted the importance of road connectivity in the economic development of the country. [...]

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[Economic Survey Ch10] (Part 4 of 5) Services: Road Transport, Shipping, Aviation, sethusamudram, FANS, Greenfield airports

Roads Width of National highways Org 4 highway construction Where does NHDP get money? BRO Central Road Fund Bharat Nirman Rural Housing Roads Electrification Telephone Connectivity Drinking Water Irrigation. Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana (PMGSY) 12th FYP: Road Transport Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) [...]

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[Diplomacy] China’s Maritime Silk Road initiative, Purpose, Salient Features, India’s stand

What is MSR initiative? Why New Maritime Silk Road? How to implement Maritime Silk Road? (2+7) “TWO” = consensus on two issues  “SEVEN” proposals India’s stand on Maritime Silk Road? New updates What is MSR initiative? Old topic, carving out separate article for continuity in [...]

new Road Safety and Transport Bill 2014

[Bill Summary] Road Safety & Transport Bill 2014- salient features, provisions, penalties, graded point system

Why need for new Road act? Road Safety and Transport Bill 2014 #1: setup new authorities #2: Reform License, permits and policies #3: increase Punishments #4 Graded Point System for penalties Health ministry’s suggestion on Road safety bill Mock Questions Why need for new [...]

IR2-P1-one-belt-one-road-International North South Corridor

[IR Revision] China’s One Belt One Road, International North South Corridor, TPP, RCEP & Globalization

Prologue IR2/P1: China’s Silk Road One Belt One Road Initiative IR2/P2: TPP, RCEP-Meaning- implications on India IR2/P3: Globalisation & its effect on Indian Society IR2/P4: International North South Corridor & its Significance for India Prologue Last session in Mr.Pratik Nayak’s lecture series on selected [...]