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[World History] French Revolution: Causes, Events, Outcomes, Significance; Napoleon Bonaparte- Rise, Reforms & Fall

Prologue WHFr/P1: French Revolution: Political Causes, Divine right theory, Louis XVI WHFr/P2: French Revolution: Socio-Economic & Cultural causes WHFr/P3: French Revolution: Events, National Assembly, Bread Riots WHFr/P4: French Revolution: Outcomes, Impact, Significance WHFr/P5: French Revolution: Napoleon Bonaparte- rise, reforms & fall Prologue In past [...]

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[Old NCERT World History Ch7] Industrial Revolution, Capitalism, Their Effect on Society, Rise of Trade Unions & Socialism

Prologue Introduction to Chapter Capitalism Capitalism and Colonization Industrial Revolution Factory System Why Industrial Revolution started in England? Textile Industry: The revolution Powerloom Cotton Gin Steam Engine Blast Furnace TRANSPORT Revolution Postal Revolution Agriculture Revolution Industrial Revolution in Other Countries Tariff barriers Race4raw [...]

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[Old NCERT World History Ch8] French Revolution: Causes, Consequences, Rise & Fall of Napoleon (Part 2 of 4)

Social Conditions in the 18th-century France First and Second Estate Third Estate The Monarchy The Intellectual Movement Rationalism: the Age of Reason Attack on the Clergy Physiocrates and Laissez Faire Democracy: Jean Jacques Rousseau Outbreak of the Revolution After Fall of Bastille War [...]

[Location Factors] Wool Industry, Jute Industry: rise & fall of Britain, Calcutta Jute problems

Wool Industry & Geographical Factors Climate factor Land size Economies of Scale Woolen Mfg: Rise and Decline of Britain India: Wool business Jute Industry Mock Questions Wool Industry & Geographical factors Let’s examine videsi (foreign) wool business first. Majority of wool production comes from southern [...]

[Old NCERT World History Ch8] Socialism: The Beginning and Rise, First International, Second International (Part 4 of 4)

SOCIALIST MOVEMENT Early Socialists Babeuf Conspiracy Utopian Socialists Blanqui Communist League Marxian Socialism After 1848 revolution The First International, 1864 The Paris Commune, 1871 The Second International 2nd international: achievements 2nd International: cry against colonialism 2nd International: Limitations EXERCISES In the last part we [...]


[Economic Survey] Ch4: Inflation- Trends in WPI, CPI, IIP & International market, Government reforms to combat price rise

Prologue [Act 1] Theory recap [Act 2] WPI inflation trend: Survey points [Act 3] CPI inflation trend: Survey points [Act 4] IIP Trend: survey points Mining and Power Manufacturing 8 Core industries in IIP [Act 5] Trend in international market (2014-15) [Act 6] [...]