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Book Reviews & Recommendations

Book Reviews & Recommendations

Throughout the ages, since time immemorial, books have remained the single most important source of inspiration, knowledge and understanding.The book reviews and recommendations provided under this section cover books from various fields of Psychology, Spirituality, Science, Business and History to open up and expand [...]

national security task force recommendations

[Diplomacy] National Security: Naresh Chandra Task Force recommendations

Why this Task Force? Recommendations of Naresh Chandra Task Force on National security On Enemies of India On China On Pakistan On Naxalites Make More Institutions Advanced Projects Agency (APA) Bureau of politico-military affairs Defense university and Think Tank FDI in defense Get [...]

Pranab Sen task force drug pricing

[Committee] Pranab Sen Taskforce Drug Pricing: Major Recommendations

What is National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA)? Recommendations of Pranab Sen How to regulate drug pricing? What about Patented drugs? Give PSU a chance Funding Excise duty reduce Open Website for public What is National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA)? It is an attached office [...]

Vijay Kelkar recommendations

[Economy] Recommendations of Vijay Kelkar Committee on Fiscal Consolidation Roadmap

Observations of Vijay Kelkar Committee How to increase collection of Direct Taxes? Review DTC bill Data Mining PAN/UID Card Mandatory Create Tax profiles Charge interest rate on tax defaulters How to increase collection of Indirect Taxes? Increase the coverage of service tax Implement [...]

Comic Rangarajan no comments

[Economy] Rangarajan Gas Pricing, Production Sharing Contract (PSC), APM, Non-APM, issues, recommendations

Introduction What is Production Sharing Contract(PSCs) ? Royalty-tax regime Problems faced by Oil/Gas exploration companies CAG-Audit Present Gas Pricing Mechanism 1. Administered Pricing Mechanism (APM) 2. Non-APM Criticism on Rangarajan’s gas pricing Summary points Introduction Rangarajan is a noted economist, ex-Governer of RBI, ex-MP, Chairman [...]

securitization in home loans

[Banking] Shadow Banks, Wholesale Banks, Securitization: Functions & Features Nachiket Committee’s recommendations

Prologue Securitization What happened in Sub-prime crisis? Shadow Banking Shadow Banks: Why bad? Shadow Banking in India? Should India be worried? Gold Loan Companies as Shadow Banks? RBI’s safeguards on Gold loan NBFC Wholesale Bank? Wholesale Investment Bank vs Wholesale Consumer Bank? Benefits [...]