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RC Filters Series Resonance and Quality Factor

RC Filters. Series Resonance and Quality Factor. Matching. Soldering. Review the following sections in your text: 1. Section 3.1 – Complex Numbers. 2. Section 3.2 – Exponential Function. 3. Section 3.3 – Phasors. 4. Section 3.4 – Impedance. RC Filters The sinusoidal steady state (aka time harmonic) is an extremely useful [...]

History Mains 2013 Map

[Download] History Optional Subject Paper 1 & 2 of UPSC Civil Service IAS IPS Mains Exam 2013 with high quality Map, Hindi Scan

Instructions History Paper 1 Section A History Paper I: Section B History Paper 2: Section A (Modern India) History Paper II: Section B (World History) Original Scan / Hindi Medium Instructions There are EIGHT questions divided in Two Section, Candidate has to attempt FIVE [...]

CSAT 2014 GS1 Overall Analysis v1

[Download] CSAT-2014 Question Papers, High quality PDFs with searchable copy-able TEXT

UPSC had conducted Civil service and Forest service (combined) preliminary exam aka CSAT-2014, on 24th August 2014. Here are the scanned copies of Booklet no.”C” for both papers: Download CSAT-2014 General studies Paper Download CSAT-2014 Aptitude Paper In above PDF files, the text is searchable [...]

National Air Quality index

[GS3] Pollution: National Air Quality Index, SAFAR Technology, Parafoil Drone, Pthalates

#1: National Air quality index (AQI): WHY? Features of new AQI Criticism of new Air Quality Index #2: SAFAR #3: Smog sucker Chinese Parafoil drone #4: Pthalates, Airfresheners and Pollution Mock Questions National Air quality index (AQI): WHY? Mains Relevance: GS3: Environmental Pollution. Part [...]