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[Q] mains answering the question with different phrases like Discuss, Critically analyse, Evaluate, Elucidate

Q. Can you clarify the meaning and approach one should follow while answering the question with different phrases like Discuss, Critically analyse, Evaluate, Elucidate etc. -Pratap Following is Copy paste from Sivaharimani’s thread on IO forum How to Write Answers The civil services main exam consists of descriptive [...]

[Q] IJPA journals from IIPA are unnecessary for Public Administration (mains)

Question by Many Readers: “where i can get iipa journals for public administration(either online OR book format)” Ans. IJPA: Indian journal of Public Administration. IIPA (Indian institution of Public Administration) publishes ^this journal every three months. You can’t find its journal online, you’ve to subscribe to [...]

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[Economy Q] Basel III Norms: Tier 1 and Tier 2 Capital meaning use

Why BASEL? What is BASEL? What are BASEL Capital adequacy requirements (CAR)? BASEL-III norms Criticism of BASEL norms Why BASEL? 2007-08: Subprime crisis in USA, after their banks loaned money to “subprime” borrowers i.e. people without capacity to repay the loan. The resultant housing [...]

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[Statistics 4GS] Finding Maximum age among youngest 30% of brides, Cumulative Frequency KPSC Exam Q

Concept/Principle Scale on X-axis Scale on Y-axis Finding 30% brides Practice questions In a marriage hall 120 marriages were held in a particular year. The age distribution is as shown below Determine the maximum age among youngest 30% of brides. Age No. of Brides 18-20 12 20-22 30 22-23 30 23-24 22 24-26 18 26-28 8 Concept/Principle Original question: Determine [...]

[Reasoning Q] 3-Statement Syllogism doubt Question: Apples, Mangoes, Vegetarians

In an earlier article, we saw how to approach 3-statement syllogism (click ME) One of the Reader “Pars”, had posted a doubt-question. Let’s solve it, to strengthen our grip over the UP-UN method. Question Solution and Approach i) No Fruit is apple ii) No vegetarian is [...]

[Aptitude Q] STD table : Application in train man bridge, time and work problems

Not really an article, just solving some readers’ queries to keep the STD concept refreshed. Case: Train, Man and Bridge Conversion : kmph vs ms Finding length of train Case: Time n Work : A and B Case: Train, Man and Bridge A man is standing [...]