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Polity Census SECC tablet

[Rights Issue] Socio Economic Caste Census (SECC) 2011: Purpose, Benefits, Features, Deprivation index

SECC-2011: WHY needed? Census Difference: Regular vs SECC Confidential? BPL: SECC vs Planning Commission Poverty: UN Definition Poverty Line: India Tendulkar SECC-Players involved Procedure Data collection SECC: Methodology #1: Automatically Excluded #2: Automatically Included #3: Deprivation indicator 7 deprivation indicators: Followup SECC Advantages? [...]

Map Polavaram Project Andhrapradesh

[River Disputes] Polavaram Project Ordinance: Purpose, Benefits, Criticism Andhra Pradesh vs Telangana

Polavaram Project: Objectives Polavaram Project Authority (PPA) Polavaram Ordinance Anti-ordinance arguments Polavaram Project: Objectives Official name: Indira Sagar Multipurpose project What are the objectives of this project? To interlink Godavari (Polavaram) & Krishna (Vijaywada) just before they merge into sea. (observe map) To Store water at [...]

Karle Buddhist Rockcut caves

[Architecture] Buddhist Rock Caves, Stupas, Chaitya, Vihar- features, purpose explained

Types of Buddist Buildings Buddhist Rock cut caves Karle Caves, Pune Kanheri, Mumbai Bhaja, Pune Pandavleni, Nasik Buddhist Buildings Rock cut caves Ajanta, Kanheri, Karle etc.in Maharashtra (more details under next topic) Viharas Residential quarters for Monks. Stupas Satvahan renovated Amaravati Stupa. Amaravati Stupa is largest in South India. [...]

ISRO Mars Mission Mangalyan Payloads

[Space] ISRO Mars Orbiter Mission (MoM) Mangalyaan: Payloads, Purpose, Argument favor & against

Prologue Mars Planet: Basics Mars: Past missions MoM (ISRO) vs MAVEN (NASA) MoM’s Launch Vehicle MoM @Mars Payloads and purpose? Do we need Mars Mission? Anti-Arguments Pro-arguments #1: cash will be recovered #2: Soft Power #3: Did not steal from poor’s month #4: [...]

Map-Maritime Silk Road China 1

[Diplomacy] China’s Maritime Silk Road initiative, Purpose, Salient Features, India’s stand

What is MSR initiative? Why New Maritime Silk Road? How to implement Maritime Silk Road? (2+7) “TWO” = consensus on two issues  “SEVEN” proposals India’s stand on Maritime Silk Road? New updates What is MSR initiative? Old topic, carving out separate article for continuity in [...]

Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB)

[Diplomacy] AIIB: Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank- purpose, structure, India’s interests- pro & anti arguments

Background AIIB: Chinese interest #1: Make truckload of profit #2: help in Maritime Silk policy #3: Counter US-Japan dominated IMF+ADB AIIB: Membership Who has not joined? AIIB Structure Shareholding and Voting Power Pro Arguments: India will benefit because #1: something is better than [...]