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Launch of Sethu Bharatam Project

LAUNCH OF SETHU BHARATAM PROJECT   Recently Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the Setu Bharatam programme for building bridges for safe and seamless travel on National Highways. The ‘Setu Bharatam’ project Aims to make all national highways free from railway level crossing by 2019 to ensure road [...]

1000 MW CTU- Connected Wind Power Project Scheme Launched by Union Government

New scheme has been launched by the Union Ministry of new and Renewable Energy (MNRE) for setting up of 1000 Mega Watt (MW) Wind Power Project connected to transmission network of Central Transmission Utility (CTU). The main objective of the scheme is to provide [...]

[Yearbook] National Child Labour Project and INDUS

Gurupadswamy Committee Action taken on Gurupadswamy Committee What is National Child Labour Project (NCLP)? What is INDO – US DOL (INDUS PROJECT)? Gurupadswamy Committee Way back in 1979, Government formed the first committee called Gurupadswamy Committee to study the issue of child labour and [...]


[Science] Nirbhay, NAG, NAMICA, Helina, LAHAT, Tropex-2012, RISAT, SPOT-6, Project, Glass and Glivec

Some more Important Science and Tech topics for General Studies. Nirbhay NAG NAMICA Helina LAHAT Tropex-2012 Shoor Veer National Large Solar Telescope (NLST) RISAT 1 ISRO’s 100th mission Project Glass Glivec Nirbhay sub-sonic cruise missile Nirbhay is India’s equivalent of Tomahawk, a long-range, sub-sonic cruise [...]

Core Zone and Buffer Zone in Tiger Tourism area

[Environment] SC Ban on Tiger Tourism, Core and Buffer Areas, Project Tiger, NTCA Guidelines explained

What is core zones and Buffer Zone? What is Project Tiger? What is NTCA? Concept of Umbrella Species Timeline of Events Pro Arguments for Tiger Tourism Misleading information by Media Employment Tiger Tourism actually helps the tigers Ban on Tourism hurts the tigers [...]


[Public Health] GeneXpert, Project Axshya, MALDI, Dermoscope, Bariatric Surgery, Neurostimulator

What is GeneXpert/ CBNAAT? Project Axshya/ Mr.Sputum Bariatric surgery Neurostimulator MALDI Dermoscope Cataract Femtosecond Cataract Surgery Ex-Vivo Lung Perfusion Mock questions What is GeneXpert/ CBNAAT? Problem with MDR-TB= it takes almost 8 weeks, for doctor to diagnose this disease. You already know about multi-drug [...]

Map South East Asia

[Diplomacy] East Asia Summit, Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), Nalanda Project, Issues, Challanges India-China-US

Who are East Asia Summit Members? What are EAS priority areas? What is Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP)? Why is RCEP important? Mohan’s Address to 7th East Asia Summit What is EAS Declaration on ASEAN connectivity? What is Nalanda University Project? What is [...]

[Economic Survey Ch10] (Part 2 of 5) Postal Services, Project Arrow, INPEX 2013

British-legacy Extra Departmental branch offices Franchisee Outlets Panchayat Sanchar Seva Kendras PIN Mail: 1st class vs 2nd class National Address Database Management System Rural CPI Meghdoot Millennium Project Arrow Gold coins ePost Speed post eSpeed net Business Post RAKNPA UPU Sorting machines Money [...]

Anubhuti coach

[Economic Survey Ch10] (Part 5 of 5) Railways: Anubhuti, Spart, Project Unigauge, Budget, World Heritage

Introduction British Legacy: Railways Gauges Project UniGauge Bigger to smaller PSU under Railways ministry Konkan Railways Separation of Railway budget UNESCO World heritage: Indian Railways Trains: Luxury Trains: normal Railway Police Metro Rail Amendment Act 2009 Kisan Vision Project Bullet trains bio-toilets Rail [...]

Crowdfunding website

[Current] April-Week2-P2: Economy: SEBI guideline on Crowdfunding, Public-Sector Banks CMD post bifurcation, IRDA ambulance project, mains answerwriting practice

Prologue E2: Crowdfunding- Need SEBI guidelines E3: Bifurcation of CMD post in Banks E4: IRDA’s highway ambulance pilot project Prologue Current events in 2014 April Week2 (8-15th) Part 1/3: Environment, Polity, Polity, History and Culture: Coming soon. Part 2/3: Economy= you’re here. (nokia taxation deserves [...]

Map Polavaram Project Andhrapradesh

[River Disputes] Polavaram Project Ordinance: Purpose, Benefits, Criticism Andhra Pradesh vs Telangana

Polavaram Project: Objectives Polavaram Project Authority (PPA) Polavaram Ordinance Anti-ordinance arguments Polavaram Project: Objectives Official name: Indira Sagar Multipurpose project What are the objectives of this project? To interlink Godavari (Polavaram) & Krishna (Vijaywada) just before they merge into sea. (observe map) To Store water at [...]

Major_Port of india

[Infrastructure] Project Sagarmala, Port Infrastructure in India, Problems & Reforms

What is Project Sagarmala? Port Infrastructure bottlenecks What is Project Sagarmala? China’s String of Pearls = aims to surround India by developing ports in neighbor countries and possible convert them in military base at later stage. But Project Sagarmala only aims to improve India’s [...]