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[Economy] The FDI in Retail business pro-cons Single brand vs Multibrand Retail

In the fond memories of Dev Anand, What’s the difference between Single brand vs Multibrand retail? Single Brand retail · Nike Company opens outlets in A’bad, Banglore, Delhi and Mumbai selling nothing but Nike Shoes, Nike wrist-watches and Nike t-shirts only. · This is single brand retail. · FDI [...]

[Economy] Land Acquisition bill 2011 : Salient Features, Pro Con analysis

Land acquisition topic is very important for almost all competitive exams of India starting from UPSC, State PSC, CPF, APFC, Bank and MBA Group Discussion / Interviews. What is Land Acquisition? How is this process governed? Land is a state subject then how can [...]

Lobbying Nira Radia

[Polity] Lobbying: Meaning, pro-anti arguments, Nira Radia, Gulam Nabi Fai, Wal-mart

Introduction to terms related Lobbying Why is it called Lobbying? How is lobbying done? Lobbying in USA Lobbying in India Lobbying vs Bribery Controversies related to Lobbying #1: RadiaGATE #2: Gulam Nabi Fai: Anti-Kashmir lobbying in USA #3: Wal-Mart Lobbying: FDI in Multibrand [...]

[Land Ceiling] Meaning, Reasons, Pro and Anti Arguments

Prologue What is Land Ceiling? Why Ceiling on Land holdings? Land Ceiling in India Land Ceilings: Benefits/Advantages/Positive Points With political Will Production increased Employment increased Naxal reduced Social Justice Growth of New political parties Land Ceiling: Pro and Anti arguments Mock Questions Prologue So far [...]

Disinvestment & shutting down HMT watches

[Disinvestment] Timeline, Methods, Pro & Anti Arguments, Modi Policy on PSU reforms and Disinvestment

Prologue Disinvestment Timeline in India Two methods of disinvestment Retail investors’ participation? Hardly! Disinvestment: arguments in favor and against Modi-Reform1: Disinvesting NHPC, Coal India, ONGC Modi Reform2: Revive 5 and shut down 6 Mock Questions Prologue Combining Disinvestment theory and current affairs topics scattered around [...]

Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB)

[Diplomacy] AIIB: Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank- purpose, structure, India’s interests- pro & anti arguments

Background AIIB: Chinese interest #1: Make truckload of profit #2: help in Maritime Silk policy #3: Counter US-Japan dominated IMF+ADB AIIB: Membership Who has not joined? AIIB Structure Shareholding and Voting Power Pro Arguments: India will benefit because #1: something is better than [...]