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[Location factors] Petroleum Refineries near oil-well & at Ports & Synthetic Fibres Industry

Petroleum Refineries: Location @raw material site: Disadvantages Refineries @ port locations Reliance Jamnagar Refinery: Location Factors Refineries @Market Location: Advantages Synthetic fibers In the previous article, we saw the geographical factors responsible for the location of Copper smelting industry. Let’s move to the next [...]

Rakhigarhi vs Mohenjo Dero Harappan sites

[Ancient-India] Rakhigarhi-Biggest Harappan Site, Muziris Ports, Pratihar Mint, Menhir sites

Rakhhigarhi-the biggest Harappan site Menhirs sites in Mizoram Muziris Port Pratihar Mint in Haryana Rakhigarhi, the biggest Harappan site ~2000 sites of Indus valley civilization in India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Till now, the largest site: Mheonjo-daro, in Pakistan. Now the largest site= Rakhigarhi, Hayana India Pak [...]

Cover Economic Survey Shipping aviation

[Infrastructure] Shipping & Port infrastructure, Major ports, FDI, Sethu Samudram, Budget 2014 announcement

Prologue [Act 1] Shipping S1: Major ports on West Coast S2: Major Ports on East Coast S3: Economic Survey: Shipping reforms S4: Budget 2014: Shipping related announcement S4: TAMP: Tariff Authority for Major Ports S5: Sethu Samudram Prologue Economic Survey Ch11. Energy, Infrastructure and Communications. [...]

Ocean Resources Polymetallic nodules

[Geography Lecture] Oceanography: Currents, Tides, Estuaries, Mineral Resources & Major Ports

Prologue L5/P1: Ocean Resources, EEZ, petroleum reserves, Polymetallic nodules L5/P2: Coral Reefs & Marine Pollution L5/P3: Ocean Currents, Waves and Upwelling L5/P4: Ocean Tides and Major Ports of India Prologue These geography lectures are conducted by Ms. Rajtanil at Sardar Patel institute of Public [...]