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[Location Factors] Rubber Plantations in Malayasia, Kerala & South America

Rubber Plantations Processing of Natural Rubber Factor: technology Rubber: Malaysia Rubber: Kerala Factors: Why decline in S.America In the previous article, we discussed the geographical factors affecting plantation crops particularly Cocoa plantations in South America. Now let’s move to the next topic: Rubber Plantations Nature of [...]

[Location Factors] Tea plantations- Darjeeling, India, China & effect of climate,slope & colonization

Tea: Geographical Factors Black vs Green Tea Factor: break of the bulk (London) Tea: Darjeeling Tea: China In the previous article, we discuss the geographical factors affecting the location of rubber plantation. Now moving to the next topic Tea Geographical Factors Labour availablity: Weeding, manure, pruning [...]

Map Brazil Coffee plantations

[Location Factors] Coffee Plantations in Brazil & India, connection with American Revolution

Coffee & American Revolution Coffee: geographical factors Brazil: Sao Paulo Coffee: Kerala In the previous article, we talked about the geographical factors affecting the location of the tea plantation industry in India and China. Moving to the next topic: Coffee & American Revolution Initially the [...]