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Personal Guidance

Personal Guidance

Psychological, Emotional, Creative and Motivational Guidance     The most important feature of the Creative Guidance initiative is a personal one on one assistance to help you overcome emotional, psychological, creative and motivational limitations through regular personal interactions and clarifications. So don’t even waste a single moment waiting [...]

[CDS/SSB] Tips on Personal Interview and Conference: Dos and Don’ts

Before the interview Pre-interview preparations Interview Hands Eyes Sitting Posture Interview Questions Conference Process of conference This is the second part in the guest article series by Mr.Ketankumar Patil for CDS/SSB Interview tips. In the first article, he provided the overview of the various tests [...]

Nigvekar Committee Reforms in civil service Interviews

[Nigvekar] Interview Reforms: Score Table on fixed parameter, Personal Narrative Essay, Softcorner for Rural, Consolation prize for interview failed (Part 4 of 4)

Prologue Interviews: Give soft corner to Rural candidates Every candidate should be interviewed by all boards Declare result on time Remove group B service Consolation prize for Interview failed Interview reform for Physically handicapped SSB like Group Task, Outdoor activities What Nigvekar recommends [...]

From your personal experience or reading, relate a major change that took place in and organization and what management did to effectively cope with that change ?

Ans. Remploy, the United Kingdom’s top employer of disabled people, owns 82 manufacturing sites making diverse range of products, including car lead rests, school furniture and protective clothing for military and civil use. Top managers set some growth aims - To increase employees from [...]