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A Unique way to learn Vocab: Tragedy of the boat people

A very good morning to all,… Here we are with our next article based on current news which contains some difficult words, we will highlight and explain those words in order to improve your vocabulary skills and to have a good command on English language [...]

[Aptitude] PnC: arrange such that two people Always sitting together?

Q. How many ways can four children be made to stand in a line such that two of them A and B are always together? (-asked in UPSC Prelims 2010) Confused? You won’t be, after reading this. DONOT Proceed further, without reading The First article on [...]

Map Rwanda

[Human rights] Rwanda Genocide, Rohingya Migrants & Chagos People

D1: Rwanda Genocide & French involvement D2: Rohingya illegal migrants in India D3: Chagos people: Rehabilitation D1: Rwanda Genocide & French involvement (Interview Q.) What do you know about Rwanda Genocide? Why has France decided not to participate in its remembrance event? Rwanda is a [...]

Report Bezbaruah Commission North East people

[Rights Issue] Plight of North Eastern People and Manual Scavangers in India: Bezbaruah Commission, Nido Tania murder & SC verdict

Topic#1: Plight of Manual Scavangers in India Q. Write a note on the legal initiatives taken to prohibit manual scavenging in recent times. 200 words. In 2013, Parliament enacted a law to prohibit manual scavenging and for the rehabilitation of the existing people in this inhumane [...]

There is no more important area of human activities than management, since its task is that of getting things done through other people’. Comment and explain the importance of management.

Ans. The above given definition requires to be expanded as- (i) As -managers, people carryout the managerial functions of Planning  organizing, staffing, leading, and controlling. (ii) Management applies to any type of organization. (iii) It applies to managers at all organizational levels. (iv) The goal of all managers [...]