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On 2016 Global Peace Index India Secured 141st Position

India has secured 141st spot in a Global Peace Index (GPI) for year 2016 out of 163 countries and which describe India is a less peaceful country. The by global think Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) has ranked 163 countries on bases of [...]

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[Diplomacy] Syrian Unrest explained, Assad’s Friends and Foes, Kofi Anna’s Peace plan

What is the difference between Shia and Sunni Muslims? Syria President Assad Family Syrian Unrest Who supports Assad and why? Who is against Assad and why? Reaction of the world Kofi Annan peace plan for Syria Houla massacre UN General Assembly India’s problem At [...]

Nepal Peace Agreement

[Diplomacy] Nepal Logjam (Part 1 of 3): Civil War, Peace-Deal, Constitutional deadlock, Frequent change of Prime Ministers

During British-Raj From 60s to 90s The 90s system 1996-2006: Civil War India’s Nepal Policy: 2005 Main Political Parties Constituent Assembly(CA) Why is there a political crisis/logjam/turmoil in Nepal? Why No Constitution? #1: Presidential system vs Parliamentary system #2: Federation on Ethnic lines [...]

Nobel Physics award 2014 LED

[Nobel] 2014 Winners: Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, Economics, Literature, Peace- Malala, Satyarthi

Nobel Prize Theory Nobel Physics 2014 BEE to promote LED: Nobel Medicine 2014 Noble Chemistry 2014 Confocal microscope Nobel Economics 2014 Nobel Peace Prize 2014 Kailash Satyarthi Malala Yousafzai Tokenism in Peace prize 2014? Noble Literature 2014 Nobel 2014: Quick revision Table Nobel [...]