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A Unique way to learn vocab: Dropping of Payment Banks

A very good morning to everyone,… Here we are with our next vibrant article based on current news which contains some difficult words, we will highlight and explain those words in order to improve your vocabulary skills and to have a good command on English language [...]

Airtel Money prepaid payment instrument

[Banking] Nachiket Committee: Payment Banks- Rationale, Features, Advantages, Limitations, Pre Paid Instrument Providers (PPI), USSD Banking

Pre-Paid Instrument Providers (PPI) Why Nachiket hates PPI model? Why Payment Bank? What is payment bank? M-Pesa: Why India should get Payment banks? Payment Banks: Anti-Arguments USSD and Conflict of Interest USSD connectivity for Banking Mock Questions Pre-Paid Instrument Providers (PPI) Airtel money is an [...]

What is Fed Tapering

[Fed Tapering:Part1 of 2] Meaning of Fed Tapering, its Negative Impact on Indian Economy, Worst case scenarios, Balance of Payment Crisis, explained

Prologue What is Fed tapering Why is it called Fed Tapering? How can Fed Tapering affect India? Worst case scenario [WCS] by Fed Tapering WCS1: Hot money gone / Flight of Capital WCS2: Weaker Rupee= bigger CAD + bigger inflation WCS3: Exports may [...]

Nokia tax on royalties for GSM handset

[Economy] Nokia Tax Row: Royalty Payment, Chennai Plant, Finland DTAA, Microsoft Takeover, UNICITRAL, TDS, Withholding Tax explained

Prologue Royalties: Drain of wealth #1: Quantitative restriction on royalties #2: Tax on Royalties paid Royalties: TDS (Tax deduction at source) What Happened in Nokia Royalty case? Timeline: Nokia Royalty Case Nokia’s excuses Nokia’s current legal-strategy UNCITRAL / Nokia BIPA JayaLalitha’s problem? Mock [...]

L2P1 Banking sector

[Lecture] Financial Intermediaries, Balance of Payment, International Trade

Prologue Ch5: Financial Intermediaries Part 1: Banking sector Ch5: Financial Intermediaries Part 2: SEBI, IRDA, PFRDA Ch. 6 & 7: Balance of Payment & International Trade FAQ: Download Powerpoint slides? Prologue My lectures on YouTube, for the current Budget and Economic Survey. so far [...]

CSAT Answerkey 2014 Economy with Bulla

[Answerkey] CSAT-2014: Economy, Banking, Finance, Budget & Balance of Payment- 7 out 10 MCQs from Mrunal

.vs CSAT 2013 .vs other exams Difficulty level How to prepare Economy for CSAT 2015? Banking sector Q1: MSF and NDTL Q2. Bank Saathi Q3: Reserve Requirements Q4: IF Interest rates decline Government related Q1: Non-plan Expenditure Q2: Sales tax Q3: FYP theme [...]

Regional Rural Bank RRB

[Banking] RRB Amendment Bill, Small Banks-Payment Banks, Kotak-ING Vysya Merger, NBFC Guidelines

Prologue BO1: RRB act BO2: Small banks and Payment Banks BO3: Kotak-ING Vyasa Merger Banking consolidation in past Kotak ING Vyasa Merger Bank merger/consolidation: good or bad? BO4: NBFC regulation guidelines BO6: SBI Share splitting Mock Questions for Banks Exams Prologue In this article, [...]

Bharat Bill Payment System BBPS

[Banking] Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS), SBI Shariya Equity fund, KYC partial freezing, Minimum Balance guidelines

Prologue [Block-1] Money transfer related Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS) Pre-paid cards: Bhai increases Limit ATM transaction: Bhai says >5=Rs.20 Kotak Facebook money transfer Corporation bank: E-Mandate ICICI: cashless withdrawls [Block-2] Banking-Finance operations KYC non-compliant accounts: Bhai’s orders Partial Freezing Minimum Balance requirements: [...]