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[Aptitude] Partnership and profit-sharing made Easy for CSAT IBPS CAT

Case 1: Two partners join @same time Step 1: Fill up the table Step 2: Find Ratio of Actual investment Step 3: Componendo on Total Profit Case 2: Two Partners join @Different Time Step 1: Fill up table Step 2: Find Ratio of [...]

[Aptitude] Data Sufficiency (DS): Simple Equation, Partnership, TnW

DS Case: Simple Equation Rule#1 Remember to Forget Rule#2: Don’t calculate exact value DS Case: Square roots DS case: Partnership DS Case: Time and Work   DS Case: Simple Equation C=a+b, what is the value of C? I. a=5 II. b=3 Answer choice: A. Question can be answered using statement [...]

Map South East Asia

[Diplomacy] East Asia Summit, Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), Nalanda Project, Issues, Challanges India-China-US

Who are East Asia Summit Members? What are EAS priority areas? What is Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP)? Why is RCEP important? Mohan’s Address to 7th East Asia Summit What is EAS Declaration on ASEAN connectivity? What is Nalanda University Project? What is [...]

INS Sudarshini sent for India ASEAN

[Diplomacy] India ASEAN 20 years of Dialogue Partnership, FTA in Service Investment, Vision 2020

Prologue ASEAN – India Commemorative Summit 2012 #1: India-ASEAN car rally #2: Naval Expedition #3: India-ASEAN Vision – 2020 document More co-op in regional forums Maritime Cooperation Development front Renewable Energy Funding Socio-Cultural Monuments Connectivity Delhi Dialogue India ASEAN logo ASEAN-India Eminent Persons [...]