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Reforming Indian Parliament, Diabetes: Spreading among poor Current Affairs 1st July, 2017

Reforming Indian Parliament Parliament is supposed to be a union of exemplary orators, with a grass-roots touch. Unfortunately, one is rarely inspired by the quality of India’s parliamentary debates nowadays. Issues: Parliamentary debates, which once focused on national and critical issues, are now more about local [...]


  संघीय संसद (INDIAN PARLIAMENT) हमारे संविधान के अन्तर्गत केन्द्रीय विधान-मण्डल को संसद की संज्ञा दी गयी है और यह संसद द्विसदनात्मक सिद्धान्त के आधार पर गठित की गयी है। संविधान के अनुच्छेद 79 में लिखा है: ’संघ के लिए एक संसद होगी जो राष्ट्रपति और [...]

UPSC aspirants protest outside parliament december 2013

[RTI] No Changes in Age-Attempt-Structure of Civil Service Exam, Both UPSC & Personnel Ministry confirm they’ve ignored protests by aspirants outside parliament in Dec 2013

UPDATE: 10 Feb 2014: Central Government approved TWO Extra attempts. Click me for more Old information below: Prologue Personnel Ministry on Anti-UPSC protests Government did receive petitions Minister’s reply in Rajya Sabha= We’ll change nothing No new Committee about this UPSC on Parliament protests for [...]

[Answerkey] CDS-2014: Polity, Constitution, Parliament related MCQs solved with explanation

Polity analysis [Table] Polity in CDS vs CAPF vs CSAT [Table] Polity: Internal Breakup Polity Difficulty level Polity Current Affairs Polity reference booklist for next CDS exam [MCQ] Terms related to Democracy/Pol.sci [MCQ] Constitution:  Origin & Amendment [MCQ] Preamble, Citizenship, FR/FD/DPSP [MCQ] The [...]

India Leader of Opposition Lok Sabha

[Parliament] Leader of Opposition (LoP) appointment controversy, 10% Rule, Consequences

Leader of Opposition (LoP) in India Parliament 10% rule: episodes in past? LoP and Appointment Committees Arguments: Government vs Opposition Mock questions Leader of Opposition (LoP) in India Parliament 1977: The leaders of opposition in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha were given statutory recognition. [...]