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Airtel Money prepaid payment instrument

[Banking] Nachiket Committee: Payment Banks- Rationale, Features, Advantages, Limitations, Pre Paid Instrument Providers (PPI), USSD Banking

Pre-Paid Instrument Providers (PPI) Why Nachiket hates PPI model? Why Payment Bank? What is payment bank? M-Pesa: Why India should get Payment banks? Payment Banks: Anti-Arguments USSD and Conflict of Interest USSD connectivity for Banking Mock Questions Pre-Paid Instrument Providers (PPI) Airtel money is an [...]

Paid News in India Election commission

[RPA] Paid News, Election commission Guidelines, why Amend RPA, Ethics in Journalism

Prologue What is paid news? Why is Paid news bad? What has Election commission done? What has press council done? Suggest further reforms Challenges ahead Appendix: Expenditure and Deposit limits Prologue Topic in news: 2014, October because Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) said we need [...]