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[Diplomacy] Pravasi Bharatiya Diwas PBD-2017, Heart of Asia Summit Amritsar & BRICS Goa Summit: themes, venues, highlights, outcomes

Prologue Summit#1: Pravasi Bharatiya Diwas PBD-2017, Jan Why organize PBD? Who organizes PBD? PBD-2017: highlights of Rescue operations for VIDESHI NRIs & DESHI Indians Summit#2: Heart of Asia Summit HoA: three purposes of summit? HoA Summit @Amritsar (2016): Highlights of Summit#3: BRICS: 8th [...]

[World History] Interwar Years, Hitler-Nazism, Mussolini-Fasism, Second World War- causes, events, outcomes Summary

Prologue WH/WW2: Interwar Years (1919-39): League of nations WH/WW2: Hitler-the Rise of Nazism in Germany WH/WW2: Mussolini-the Rise of Fascism in Italy WH/WW2: Second World War- Factors and Causes WH/WW2: Second World War- Events and Outcomes Prologue Last part of Pratik Nayak’s lecture series on [...]

[World History] Russia Revolution (1917), First World War (1914-19): Causes, Events, Outcomes

Prologue WH: Russian Revolution/P1- Socio Economic Causes WH: Russian Revolution/P2- Political Causes, Events, Outcomes WH-WW1/P1: First World War: Background events WH-WW1/P2: First World War- Events Summary WH-WW1/P3: First World War- Causes Summary WH-WW1/P4: First World War- Outcomes Summary Prologue Pratik Nayak continues further with the [...]

[World History] French Revolution: Causes, Events, Outcomes, Significance; Napoleon Bonaparte- Rise, Reforms & Fall

Prologue WHFr/P1: French Revolution: Political Causes, Divine right theory, Louis XVI WHFr/P2: French Revolution: Socio-Economic & Cultural causes WHFr/P3: French Revolution: Events, National Assembly, Bread Riots WHFr/P4: French Revolution: Outcomes, Impact, Significance WHFr/P5: French Revolution: Napoleon Bonaparte- rise, reforms & fall Prologue In past [...]

[World History] American Revolution, American Civil War, Declaration of Independence, Boston Tea Party; factors, outcomes, events, analysis for UPSC Mains GS Paper1

Prologue WHUS/P1: American Revolution: Factors responsible WHUS/P2: American Revolution: Events & Reactions WHUS/P3: American Revolution: Outcomes of WHUS/P4: American Civil War- factors, events, outcomes Prologue Shri Pratik Nayak begins world history lecture series for the UPSC Civil services (Mains) General Studies Paper-1 He has [...]

ASEAN Regional Forum

[Diplomacy] India and ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF): Meetings & Outcomes

What is ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF)? Working of ARF What is Track-1 and Track-2 Diplomacy? 3-stage Confidence Building process ARF Member states ARF process is three-tiered Four Intersessional meetings of ISMs Vision Statement for ARF for 2020 Hanoi Plan of Action (POA) India [...]

Nuclear Security Summit

[Diplomacy] Nuclear Security Summit at Seoul: Outcomes, India’s contribution

What is nuclear security? Why Nuclear Security Summit? Seoul Communiqué Goodbye HEU and welcome LEU More talking More funding More Policing More cleaning India’s commitment to Nuke Security What is nuclear security? Nuclear security is a series of preemptive measures to Prevent nuclear crime (smuggling [...]

Rio +20 summit on Sustainable development

[Treaties] RIO +20 Summit: Meaning, Outcomes and India’s Stand at RIO +20, Sustainable Development

What is Rio+20? Objectives of RIO+20? What is sustainable development? Rio 20: 2 Themes Rio 20: Seven priority areas Rio 20: India’s stand No commitment WTO subsidy Give us the damn secret technology! Green stimulus packages Don’t lecture us in Subsidy Don’t lecture [...]

putin mohan KudanKulam talk

[Diplomacy] Putin Visit, KudanKulam, GLONASS, 13th India – Russia Annual Summit: Issues, Outcomes

Introduction Problem areas in Indo-Russia Why is Russia Unhappy? Why is India unhappy? Putin’s Wishes in Delhi visit? Business n Trade Energy: Nuke Kudankulam Nuke plant Kudankulam Nuke plant: Problems Kudankulam: Progress Kudankulam: Civil Nuke Liability Energy: Oil and Gas Defense: Indo-Russia Science [...]


[Environment] COP 11 – Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), Hyderabad 2012 Outcomes, Bushmeat, Empty Jungle syndrome

Intro COP Conferences under CBD India and CBD COP11(HYDCBD): Outcomes/ Agreements #1: CASH #2: Ocean #3 Online forum #4: Bushmeat #5: Champions and their pledges #6: Nagoya Ratification #7:Misc Intro When it comes to environment protection, climate change, wildlife protection, there are multiple conventions [...]

Jansatyagraha 2012 Jairam Ramesh

[Land Reforms] Jan Satyagraha 2012, Janadesh 2007, Bhu-adhikar 1996: causes and outcomes

Bhu-Adhikar Abhiyan, MP, 1996 Janadesh, 2007 Jan Satyagraha 2012 #1: General Demands #2: PESA related Demands: #3: Forest Rights Act (FRA) related Demands Outcome of Jan Satyagraha 2012? Bhu-Adhikar Abhiyan, MP, 1996 Ekta Parishad is an NGO from Madhya Pradesh (1984). On principles of “Samvad, [...]

COP-19-UNFCC Warsaw timeline

[COP-19/UNFCC] Warsaw Climate Change Conference, India’s Stand, Outcomes, Limitation

Prologue Like-Minded Developing Countries (LMDG) Loss and damage REDD+ Money India’s stand @COP-19 Warsaw We want CBDR We’re not irresponsible India’s stand on Agriculture vs climate change India’s stand on Money 4 climate change India’s stand on HFC India’s stand on Technology transfer [...]