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India’s dominance in Indian Ocean is intact, Current Affairs 6th May, 2017

India’s dominance in Indian Ocean is intact Introduction: Previously, we had covered an article dealing with China’s increasing naval expansion and influence in the Indian Ocean. The author had highlighted about China launching its first indigenous aircraft carrier, Type 001A carrier which may be named Shandong, [...]

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[Diplomacy] Indian Ocean Rim Association (IOR-ARC): 12th Summit, Gurgaon Communique, Highlights

What is IOR-ARC? Members of Indian Ocean Rim? Why IOA-ARC is important? Gurgaon Communiqué /Declaration (2012) 6- Priority areas What is blue economy? Mock questions What is IOR-ARC? Indian Ocean Rim Association for Regional Cooperation Established in 1997 Importance of Indian Ocean rim? Indian Ocean [...]