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[Update] My distant Education degree is valid for IAS Exam or not?

Update on my earlier blogpost regarding Distant Education Learning degree and its validity for IAS / other Government  jobs. Here is the update, [Thanks to Kenneth Lyngwa’s email throwing light on this]   In short if you’ve got a degree from some Distant Education course, you need [...]

[Essay Tip for Newcomers] What to write & What not to write in Mains IAS exam?

Think for Thirty Minutes What *NOT* to write in an Essay? Provokative Essays Don’t get Personal (Cong.vs BJP) Quoting the Famous Quotes Padding with Fodder Material Suggested Reading Reading Books as a Hobby Related articles This is what I learned from my seniors and [...]

[RTI] APFC-2012: No. of Applicants Categorywise, Jim Yong Kim Booklet “D”, Answerkeys (Not given)

Regarding the APFC-2012 exam, I had filed this R.T.I last month and received reply today. Here it is No. of Applicant for APFC-2012 Exam (Categorywise) No. of Rejected Applications in APFC exam Answerkeys for APFC exam Wrong answer options for Jim Yong Kim questions [...]

Nepal Maoists in UN cantonments

[Diplomacy] Nepal Logjam (Part 2 of 3): Merger of Maoists with Army, Anti-India Campaign, Why Elections are not held

Introduction Rehab of Maoist Combatants Problem areas in Maoist Army merger Maoist MNREGA scam Trouble in Cantonment Power struggle within Maoist Party Kiran’s makes new Party Against Prachanda Against Baburam Bhattarai People’s Constitution Against India Anti-India stand of Maoists Babu vs Prachanda @RIO+20 [...]

DoPT clarifies- Marks of those “EASY” English MCQ marks (above Decision Making section) will not be counted, Exam date-Timelimit unchanged

DoPT has clarified that English marks (Class X Level) will not be counted in the CSAT merit. Candidates are advised NOT To attempt them.  and use that time for question questions. IMPORANT: This is only for those 8-9 easy English questions above decision making section. For those [...]

UPSC 2014 Marksheet for Prelims

[UPSC-2014] Prelim and Mains Marksheet of all candidates uploaded, cutoffs not declared yet

UPSC has uploaded prelim and mains marksheet of all candidates for CSE-2014 click me for prelims marksheet click me for mains failed marksheet click me for mains passed marksheet UPSC is yet to divulge information related to cutoff marks and official answerkey but hope it’ll [...]

In your opinion, is any one of the fundamental functions of management most important. Why or why not?

Ans. Because there are several managerial functions; often a question arises- which management function is more important so that managers devote more time to that. This question is quite vital but it cannot be pointed out categorically that a particular management function is more important than others. Actually, [...]