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[Location Factors] Automobile Industry -Detroit, Toyota, Sanand, Nano car & Shipbuilding

Automobile industry Detroit: Car Capital of World Detroit Bankruptcy Toyota-Nagoya region, Japan Sanand, Ahmedabad: the Nano Factory Shipbuilding industry Japanese Shipbuilding industry German Shipbuilding Mock Questions In the previous article, we saw the geographical factors affecting the location of steel industry and heavy engineering [...]

[Science-Tech] TheHindu June-July-Aug: (Part 3 of 3) IT, Nano, Space: National Cyber Security Policy, Wi-vi, IRNSS, ILC, Arihant Reactor

Prologue IT Related #1: Internet.Org #2: FOIA Machine #3: PRISM program/NSA #4: Amazon E-selling #5: Cyber defense #6: National Cyber Security Policy-2013 #7: Google Person Finder #8: Misc Topics/Terms of IT Gadgets/Equipment/Electronics #1: -200° C refrigerator by IIT Madras #2: E-Ink, Electrophoretic display [...]

Low Cost Wireless Polysomnograph

[Sci-Tech] Dept.’s Annual Report summary(Part2 of 4): Healthcare, Construction, Textile, Electronics, Plasma, Nano

Prologue Healthcare/Drug/Medical related Good Lab practices (GLP) DPRP E-psychiatrist or virtual psychiatrist Health & Physical fitness monitor Blood Chemistry Analyser & Compact Portable Mobile Lab Bacteriorhodipsin Electro-Active Sensor Fabrics Biosensors Low Cost Wireless Polysomnograph AYURVEDA BIOLOGY Synriam Lab instruments Building/Construction related Metal related [...]

Why energy discreteness occurs in nano materials ?

Ans. The effects of supplementary discreteness of nanostructural process kinetics are caused by the presence in the field plasma systems of temporary lived compound quantum particles-compactons (swarming electron pairs, . electrons together with antielectrons, ternaries, tetrads of them and so on) along with elementary [...]