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[Current] Sept-2016: Diplomacy, Defense, Diaspora: Indus Water Treaty, G20 Summit, NAM Summit, LEMOA, PAVA, FARC-Peace Deal & more

Diplomacy in News: Sept.2016 Indus water treaty 1960 Should India stop water to Pakistan? Bilateral Diplomacy- Sep.2016 GSM2: International Org. / Groupings G20 Summit, 2016 What is G20 Sherpa? Other Intl. org in news India not Involved: Sept.2016 Columbia Referendum & Nobel Peace [...]

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[Old NCERT World History ch13] After WW2: Cold War, NATO, CENTO, SEATO, Warsaw and NAM (Part 2 of 4)

The Cold War Military Blocs NATO SEATO Baghdad Pact CENTO WARSAW Pact Arms Race End of Cold War NON ALIGNED MOVEMENT (NAM) Bandung Conference NAM: opposition to Military blocs NAM: Belgrade Summit Nehru’s speech @1st NAM conference The Cold War A major feature of the [...]

National Mental Health Policy 2014

[Public Health] National Health Policy 2014- Salient Features & National AYUSH Mission (NAM)

Prologue National Mental Health Policy 2014 National AYUSH mission (NAM) Prologue Current affairs related to public health, during September Week1 to October Week3. Part1: Mother, Children, Hunger, Nutrition related. Part2: Policy / Mission: Mental health, Ayush. You’re here. Part3: “Selling” related: NPPA, Sravan, Cigar labelling. National [...]