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[Aptitude] TSD: Relative speed, Moving towards eachother

Relative speed concept Case  : Two people start together simultaneously Case: Two people don’t start together TnW= Time and Work TSD=Time speed and Distance. But we solve them using same STD formula, as you’ve seen in my previous articles. TSD got four main type of problems 1. [...]

Write down the Schrodinger equation as the – (i) Electron trapped in 2D plane nanosheet (ii) Electron moving ill one-dimension/ nanowire.

Ans. (i) Electron Trapped in 2D Plane Nanosheet - When carriers are confined in one dimension, i.e., along-direction to a very small thickness t, and free to move along X and Y -direction. In nanophysics, it is the case of nanosheets where carriers are [...]