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Bilateral Investment Treaties and concerns, Lateral movement in civil services Current Affairs – 29th March, 2017

Bilateral Investment Treaties and concerns Introduction In a globalised economy foreign investment and multilateral agreements are crucial in today’s economic architecture. Especially in a time period where protectionism is on the rise and with events like Brexit and new government in USA concern have risen for [...]

[Freedom Struggle] 1937-44: Provincial Elections, August Offer, Cripps Mission, Individual Satyagraha and Quit India Movement

HFS11/P1: Congress in Provincial Governments: Election to resignation (1937-39) HFS11/P2: August Offer (1940), Individual Satyagraha HFS11/P3: Cripps Mission (1942): Proposals of Post-Dated Cheque HFS11/P4: Quit India Movement (1942-1944): Events & Assessment HFS11/P1: Congress in Provincial Governments: Election to resignation (1937-39) In 1937 elections were [...]

HFS8/P1: Indian Revolutionary movement Phase-I

[Freedom Struggle] Revolution Phase-I within India & Abroad, Home rule movement, Ghadar, Komagata Maru

Prologue HFS8/P1: Indian Revolutionary movement Phase-I HFS8/P2: Ghadar Movement, Komagata Maru incident HFS8/P3: Home rule movement 1916 to Govt. of India Act 1919 Prologue Continuing the HD video lecture series of Shri Pratik Nayak: earlier we saw Swadeshi movement to Surat Split, now moving [...]

Indian nationalist movement

[Freedom Struggle] Partition of Bengal, Swadeshi Movement, Surat Split

Prologue HFS7/P6: Beginning of Indian National Movement & related MCQs in UPSC HFS7/P7: Lord Curzon & Partition of Bengal, Swadeshi Movement & Boycott HFS7/P8: Surat Split & fizzing of Swadeshi movement Prologue Pratik Nayak is back, and in HD. Continuing the history-freedom struggle series [...]

Timeline Gandhi in South Africa 1

[World History] Gandhi in South Africa, Transvaal March, Zulu War, Boer War, civil rights movement

Gandhi in South Africa Gandhi: 1890s till 1900s Gandhi in Boer War (1899) Gandhi in Zulu Wars (1906) 1913-14: The Peak of protests Transvaal March 1913 Sugarcane Protests December Enquiry Evaluation of Gandhi in S.Africa #1: Gandhi as an “Integrationist” #2: Gandhi, the [...]

Kuka Movement

[History] Kuka Movement stamp, Thatheras Metalcraft in UNESCO, Namdhari-Nirankari & ofcourse Ghadar

Kuka Movement Namdhari movement Nirankari Movement Thatheras craft (Dec 2014) Ghadar Party Mock Questions Kuka Movement Kuka was a religio-political movement in Punjab. #1: Religious Angles: Kukas were not part of the main-stream Sikhism of the Sikhs. They wanted caste-abolition, permission of intermarriages, widow-remarriages, abstinence from [...]