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Chemistry Model paper

रसायन विज्ञान                                                कक्षा - 12th                                       MM-75 नोट –सभी प्रश्न करना अनिवार्य है I --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Q.1 सही विकल्प चुनकर लिखिए –                                                                            5 (i) ब्रैग समीकरण को प्रगट किया जाता है I- (A) nλ=           (B) nλ=               (C)                    (D) 2nλ=d (ii) विलयन की चालकता निर्भर नहीं होती है – (A) [...]

BJT Internal Capacitances High Frequency Circuit Model

The BJT amplifiers we have examined so far are all low frequency amplifiers. For large valued DC blocking capacitors and for frequencies of tens to hundreds of kHz, the simple smallsignal models we used will work well. As the frequency increases, though, there are [...]

Von Thunen model USA Food industry

[Location Factors] Vegetable, Fruit, Viticulture industry & Von Thunen Model

Vegetables Industry California: veggies and fruits Curious case of oranges Von Thunen Agro land use model Viticulture, Grapes, Liquor Government policy Impact Viticulture India Mock Questions In the previous article, we discussed the geographical factors affecting location of Meat, Poultry and Pig rearing industry. [...]

map Milk Supply Chain: Major producers in India

[Food Processing] Milk Dairy Sector, Supply Chain, upstream downstream issues, Amul Model, Operation Flood

Prologue Scope-Significance of Dairy Sector Location: Dairy cooperatives Milk Supply Chain: Upstream Issues Low productivity of milch animals #1: Veterinary problems #2: Breeding issues #3: Fodder problems Azolla fern Milk Quality Milk Supply Chain: Processing Issues Regional imbalance Anand/Amul Model/dairy cooperative model Amul [...]

Bancassurance model differences

[Banking] Bancassurance: Compulsory Broker Model, IRDA vs Banks, issue, benefits, challanges, insurance penetration, Financial inclusion & Nachiket Committee

Prologue Bancassurance #1: Referral Model #2: Corporate Agent model #3: Broker Model Benefits of Broker model? Anti-Arguments: Broker Model Nachiket on Insurance Cross KYC Reforms in NBFC bancassurance models Allow NBFCs to take deposits NBFCs as mutual funds agents Banks as Mutual fund [...]

[Essays] September Week1: 16 Topics for UPSC Mains- Expansionism, Buried Justice, India-the Model international citizen

Write Essay on any one of the following topics. 2500 words, 3 hours. Combination of `Samata` (equality) and `Mamata` (motherly love) would lead to `Samarasta` (social harmony). (Modi while praising Ayyankali) Development (Vikaswaad) vs Expansionism (Vistarwaad) [Modi in Japan] Economic aggression may soon become [...]

Model Answer World History Set1

[Model Answers] World History Set#1: American, French & Industrial revolution by Roman Saini

Prologue Q1. Fall of Bastille Q2. American Revolution & Crony Capitalism Q3. Industrial revolution About the author Prologue Hey friends, this is Dr.Roman Saini (AIR-18, CSE-2013). I’m undergoing Foundation Course at LBSNAA, Mussoorie and having an awesome time -will share all the fun details [...]

Unification of Germany and Italy

[Model Answers] World History Set#2: League of Nations, Unification of Germany & Italy, Seeds of WW1 by Roman Saini

Prologue Q4. Germany vs Italy unification Q5: Towards First World War Q6: League of Nations Prologue Hi friends, this is Roman again. Hope your mains preparation are at its peak. I had the opportunity to give a TEDXtalk on “How to crack world’s toughest exam”. Click me [...]

Free Attitude Video Lecture for UPSC

[Ethics] E2/P1: Attitude- Meaning, Structure, Functions, CAB Model- cognitive, affective, behavioral components

E2/P1: Video Lecture by Kavan Limbasiya (AIR-198/CSE’14) Attitude: Meaning & types Attitude: Salient Features CAB Model of Attitude Attitude Structure #1: Uni-Directional Attitude Structure #2: Bi-directional Potential vs felt ambivalence Attitude: Functions Belief + Value = Attitude E2/P1: Video Lecture by Kavan Limbasiya (AIR-198/CSE’14) Youtube [...]


[Ethics] E4/P1: Emotional Intelligence- Meaning, Model, Components, Benefits & Case studies

E4/P1: Video Lecture by Kavan Limbasiya (Rank-198/UPSC-2014) 8 Basic emotions What is Emotional Intelligence? Two models of EI Unregulated Emotions = Judgment Clouded Digital Age of alienation Why study Emotional Intelligence? Benefits of higher EI How develop emotional intelligence? Descriptive Questions Case study: [...]