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[Economy] 3 Methods of calculating GDP

Got this question from mail, what are these income,production and expenditure methods in calulating GDP?how do terms like NNP, NDP, GNP,GDP,NNPFC,NNPMP DIFFER FROM EACH OTHER. what is difference between gdp at constant prices and current prices. its very confusing I’ll deal with each question in one [...]

in-situ and ex-situ conservation

[EnB] Biodiversity: In-situ and Ex-situ methods of Conservation, Difference between Wildlife sanctuary and National Park

What is biodiversity conservation? In-situ biodiversity conservation (Natural Home) Difference between a national park, wildlife Sanctuary, and a biosphere reserve Ex-Situ biodiversity conservation (artificial home) Seed Banks Zoos Decision Making question in CSAT Paper-II Botanical Gardens (Ex-situ) What is biodiversity conservation? First, what is biodiversity: [...]

Disinvestment & shutting down HMT watches

[Disinvestment] Timeline, Methods, Pro & Anti Arguments, Modi Policy on PSU reforms and Disinvestment

Prologue Disinvestment Timeline in India Two methods of disinvestment Retail investors’ participation? Hardly! Disinvestment: arguments in favor and against Modi-Reform1: Disinvesting NHPC, Coal India, ONGC Modi Reform2: Revive 5 and shut down 6 Mock Questions Prologue Combining Disinvestment theory and current affairs topics scattered around [...]

GST Goods and Services Tax

[Economy Lecture] GST Goods & Services Tax 122nd Amendment, GDP Calculation Methods & CSO Base Year Revision

Prologue L4/P8: Goods and services tax (GST) L5/P1: GDP Calculation Methods & CSO revision Prologue The economic survey related articles will be published after I’m done reading and researching myself. In the meantime, here’s the recoding of my lecture series on budget and economic [...]

Explain the methods to representing a break-even point.

Ans. There are two methods to representing a break-even point - (1) Graphical method (break-even charts) (ii) Algebraic method. (i) Graphical Method (Break-even Charts)- Break-even chart shows the extent of profit or loss to the firm at different levels of activity. Therefore, it is very useful in [...]