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Japanese Encephalitis

[Public Health] Japanese Encephalitis Menace in India: Reasons, Prevention and control

What is Japanese Encephalitis (JE)? What are the symptoms? Geographical Spread Solution for Japanese Encephalitis (JE)? What is Acute encephalitis syndrome  (AES)? Why is Japanese Encephalitis in News? JEEV (2 marker) National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme (5 marker) Mock Questions What is Japanese [...]

Opium Cultivation in India

[Public Health] Drug Menace in India, National Policy for Drug Demand Reduction 2014

Drug menace in India Existing framework against Drug menace Opium: Legal cultivation in India National Policy for Drug Demand Reduction, 2014 Mock questions Drug menace in India Border security angle: Opium, Heroin, and other narcotic drugs smuggled across border. Punjab is located near the [...]