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Why energy discreteness occurs in nano materials ?

Ans. The effects of supplementary discreteness of nanostructural process kinetics are caused by the presence in the field plasma systems of temporary lived compound quantum particles-compactons (swarming electron pairs, . electrons together with antielectrons, ternaries, tetrads of them and so on) along with elementary [...]

What do you understand by spin of quantum particle ? Explain the transport’ of spin in brief. Also categorize the magnetic materials.

Ans. So far, we have seen the transport of charge. However, as quantum. particles also have spin. Unlike charge, spin is a purely quantum phenomenon, yet like charge, spin can be transported and/or used to store information. Devices based on spin (spin-based electronics, or [...]

Explain the formation of valance band and conduction band in the crystalline materials

Ans. The energy band structure ·depends on the crystal structure of the materials and electronic configuration of the atoms constituting the material. The Schrodinger equation for the band structure will ·become very much complicated and the solutions would lead to an approximate band structure as schematically illustrated in [...]