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Daily Current Affairs -1st March 2016

All you need to know about – ‘Budget 2016-2017’ Background: The Union Budget 2016 has been crafted under the most extraordinarily challenging economic environments India has seen. The external environment is both uncertain and volatile, the inherited logjam caused by stressed banks and the stressed [...]

Daily Current Affairs – 3rd March, 2016

WTO: The much talked about Solar panel Dispute Issue: The domestic content requirement imposed under India’s national solar programme is inconsistent with its treaty obligations under the global trading regime; leading it to be described as archaic trade rules trumping important climate imperatives India’s National Solar [...]

Daily Current Affairs – 4th March, 2016

Green Budget for sustainable development BACKGROUND: The funds for the ministry of new and renewable energy have also been reduced even as an increase in the generation target for renewable energy has been announced, to 175,000 megawatts by 2022. Making a country’s budget green is [...]

Daily Current Affairs – 8th March, 2016

Women Empowerment: Time to deliver on Women’s Reservation Bill Issue: Call for revival of the Constitution (108th) Amendment Bill to reserve for women one-third of seats in Parliament and the State legislatures. Status: The Bill was passed in the Rajya Sabha in March 2010 Change at a [...]

Daily Current Affairs – 9th March, 2016

Upgrading India’s cyber security architecture India’s National Cyber Security Policy aims to build a secure and resilient cyberspace for citizens, business and government. However the cyber security architecture in India lacks potential to regulate various cyber-crimes that happen.   Comparing digital space of India and the [...]


Daily Current Affairs – 12th March, 2016

Mexican opportunity for India India-Mexico relations have consistently been friendly, warm and cordial, characterised by mutual understanding and growing bilateral trade and all-round cooperation. Though antipodes on the globe, they have striking similarities and commonalities – of geography, history, physiognomy, culture and civilisation, even [...]

Daily Current Affairs – 14th March, 2016

Patents over Patients Issue: US industry groups recently claimed the Indian government offered them a “private” assurance that compulsory licences will not be issued, save in emergencies and for non-commercial purposes Govt.: Yet to issue any sort of public declaration/clarification   Compulsory Licences— Section 84- A legal entitlement; Mandates that a [...]

Daily Current Affairs – 15th March, 2016

How reforms killed Indian manufacturing? This year marks 25 years since the so-called “economic reforms” were launched in July 1991. By now, broad contours of the policies and practices that characterized such reforms are well known, viz. radical deregulation, marketization and privatization of the [...]